Why the Hawaii Five-O Reboot Beats the Original

Five-O ran to . is no the show was a classic piece of television greatness. In 2010, a reboot of the show was first aired and it continued on for 10 seasons, having just finished up its last season in April of 2020. The original show and the reboots were both critically acclaimed and experienced high ratings and viewership.

Whether you are watching the original show or the reboot, the storylines are essentially the same. Steve McGarrett is a Reserve Naval officer that goes to Hawaii to try to find his father’s killer and avenge his untimely and violent death. The governor of Hawaii gives him the honor of forming his own task force and he accepts the offer.

With the help of his ever-growing team and his partner Danny Williams, Steve takes on the bad guys, terrorists, and mob bosses on a weekly basis. The shows are packed full of action and pretty scenery. The backdrop of Hawaii turns a relatively formulaic cop show into a unique affair full of satisfying eye candy.

Both shows are undeniably great in their own regard and held to their own merit. Facts Verse is going to take a look at the top 10 ways that we believe the reboot outshined the original. We’ll look at the casting to see how the various characters mashed up with each other and we’ll assess how the scripts hold up compared to each other.

Take a little journey with us and we’ll show you how incorporating modern technology and attention to modern diversity standards have greatly improved the already amazing show. It’s nice to see a show that has accurate and dignified representations of various races and body types in a way that is not disparaging or feels forced in any way.

Ultimately, however, it’s up to you to decide which show you preferred. Subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

the Hawaii Five-O Reboot Beats the Original

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