When George Clooney Almost Died on Set

his in 1978, George has a long way, and the actor’s three Golden Globes and two Academy Awards prove that not just his good lucks but also his talent and hard work have helped him reach here.

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could have gone in a completely different direction for George Clooney. In middle , he developed Bell’s palsy which partially paralyzed his face. Clooney was fortunate as the condition receded on its own after a year. However, when it came to acting, Clooney wasn’t so fortunate. He did not get his big break immediately and instead, struggled for years. During his struggle days, George Clooney took up various odd jobs to make ends meet. He worked as a construction worker, cut tobacco in a factor for , and sold insurance and women’s shoes. Though life may have tested him in the beginning, it surely has given him a lot in return. Today, George Clooney is one of the most popular and celebrated in the . In this video, we tell some interesting facts about the actor.

When George Clooney Almost Died on Set

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