Villages of Life

Villages Of Life

Villages Of LIFE

The Vision


Through donations corporation, schools, churches and families the vision is to build villages consisting of 15 houses which will house 15 widows and approx 90 orphans. Each house will have 6 orphans and a house mum/ which will give a great sense of family where there once was none. A school for 300 students servicing the village and the surrounding population creating integration, a TAFE workshop for carpentry, metalwork and sewing and a medical centre. All the material will be sourced locally boosting the local economy. The building will be done by the local work force creating much needed employment. This also helps to avoid jealousy within the surrounding community

Villages of Life is a Non Government Organization (NGO) and is the bricks and mortar component of the vision. Youth for Christ Burundi is there to provide for the emotional, spiritual and everyday needs of widows and orphans housed in the homes. Their vision is to raise up a generation of Godly leaders through leadership training.

Villages of Life aims to build a new village every 3 years.

Villages of Life Founder

Personally visited the orphanage in Gitega Burundi a number of times. Every time I was amazed to see how well the children are looked after and how they lived together as a family. Their happy smiling faces, their freshly brushed snow white teeth and the respect they have for their house mum was astounding.

It is unimaginable to think of where they may have been and how they would survive without the help of ordinary people like and me.

The local people have amazing skills but no resources.Villages of Life

  Ted Bosveld  Mobile (in Australia): 0417 546 473


About Burundi

Burundi has a population of approximately 8.4 million and a land area roughly one third the size of Tasmania where I live.

90% of the population rely on subsistence farming, while 68% live below the line.

The Needs

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Training facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Family structure for widows and orphans
  • Employment

Some cared for Orphans in Burundi's Villages Of Life

Homes of Hope Burundi in association with Villages of Life

Homes of Hope is the brand name of Youth for Christ Burundi’s orphanages. The name was inspired by the G21 mandate of raising a generation. Burundi has been torm by many years of war and poverty and has thus resulted in many orphans; our quest is to provide a home and family for them.

We bring in children between the ages of 0-6yrs from all over the country from the 3 tribes. We have 2 orphanages; one located in Masenga (4 km from Gitega city centre) while the other in Cibitoke Province.

Each centre is designed to primarily have an Orphanage, Medical Centre, and School. The centres were created so that as Youth for Christ we can play a transformational role in the surrounding communities by providing educational opportunities and quality affordable medical treatment as well.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Change a life! For $50 a month you can provide shelter, education,food and clothing in a loving environment for one young person in Burundi.

Make a difference Today!

Spend a week, a month or a year at one of Burundi YFC’s projects and experience what is happening first hand!

Contact Burundi YFC Bujumbura, Burundi Office number: (+257) 22 21 0440 Mobile number: (+257) 78 85 3029 E-mail:

Get Involved Give!

Burundi YFC functions entirely on the generosity of its supporters. We have been in awe of the what has provided through churches and individuals over the past few years. Large once-off donations of , resources and the hard work of skilled teams have had a huge impact on the ministry, while the regular small monthly gifts of a dedicated group of people have allowed the ministry to function on a day-to-day basis.

To find out more information, or to support, please  click here! 


We are always looking for sponsors for our orphans at the Gitega center, and soon to be, our Cibitoke center. $50.00 a month provides the needs for a child at our orphanage.

To get involved or find out more information, click here!   

Go! Burundians are amongst the most hospitable people, and the YFC staff would welcome with open arms anyone wanting to get involved on a short term basis, from a week to several years! We are currently in need of English teachers for our Gitega orphanage and Future Hope School, Doctors and Nurses for Shammah Medical Center in Gitega as well as general help for our Bujumbura office. If you are interested or want more information, please click here!

My involvement?

Richard 555075_300

I went to Burundi for my first time on 4th November 2010 and I had a fantastic  experience.



“Leadership is sacrificing your life or even suffering in order to change what needs to be changed” – Unknown