Twitter Acronym’s & useful information

Twitter Acronym’s 

& useful information 

Twitter Acronym’s & useful information

Twitter is the hottest service that is taking the internet world by storm.

Millions of users ranging from common man to celebrities to presidents are using twitter and for many users this service has become as essential as a mobile phone.

As this service is so popular there is lot of buzz that we come across through blog posts, friends, celebrity talks and etc.

This buzz contains lot of words that are confusing and tough to understand for many users.

If are one among the confused user who is interested  to  understand the commonly used twitter words then you have come to the right place.

The information contained has been compiled by Richard Bejah from various sources.

Latest Additions
Tweepetry – A poem of  140 characters sent as a tweet  FR:

Twitlaxing – a TwitterSpa moment take deep breaths think of lovely music & drift away while tweeting

Twitlaxing – relaxing while twittering

Twitlag – happens after long travels on twitter /especially after

Twantidote – for twitlag! probably works for a twangover too!

 : D is a big grin or a smile

; ) is a wink

: ) is a grin with no teeth

: P sticking tongue out

:0)  :0) Richard’s Trademark!

Twitter is an Acronym

Twitter is an Acronym

After months of examining my own twitter use as well as the ways all my twitter friends use it,
I’ve determined that by far the most common subject matter among the tweets I see is bitching about their bad travel experiences.

Therefore, I’ve decided that TWITTER is really an acronym that stands for:
Travel Woes In Tiny Text Endlessly Reported”.


 4For / Four
 1One / Won
 2To / too / two
 BFNBye for now
 BRBest Regards
 BTWBy The Way
 DMDirect Message…… A private message within Twitter
 favFavourite / Favorite
 FTLFor The Loss……An expression of dismay
 FTWFor The Win….. An expression of recommendation
 FYIFor your information
 gr8 / Gr8Great
 IMHOIn my humble opinion….. as opposed to a factual opinion
 ItzIt is
 J/K   JKJust Kidding …..could follow a sarcastic remark
 JSYKJust So You Know …..for your information
 JVJoint Venture….. A collaborative enterprise
 kOkay / Fine
 l8 /L8Late
 LMAOLaugh My Ass Of …..Something Very funny
 LOLLaugh OUT …..Loud expression of laughter / joy
 milMillion.. Large number or exact representation for the number million
 njoyEnjoy Pleasure
 OHOverheard …..A quotation of someone else’s remarks
 PRTPartial Retweet …..An Edited Retweet
 RTRetweet …..Same as Forward in e-mail
 TIAThanks in advance ….. An expression of gratitude
 TTYLTalk to you Later
 TTYSTalk to you soon
 TUThank You / Thanks
 ur / UrYour
 w/eWeekend …..Which is Sat & Sun
 WTHWhat The Heck …..Amazement
 YVWYour VERY Welcome …..Expression of kind regards
 YWYour Welcome …..Expression of regards
#topic:AKA “# hashtag”this is a way to group tweets by keyword It is particularly useful for events & groups
#wordUsed to “tag” a tweet for tracking topics or events Follow @hashtags to make sure your tags get aggregated
*rtwtyIs a request to have your tweet retweeted over & over
@Reply to
@nameAddresses a tweet to a specific user or mentions them 
@usernameFor companies one of the most useful things about Twitter is that it lets you exchange public messages with individual users
@username:A form of conversation on Twitter @username either directs a Tweet to someone or indicates a reply to a Tweet that
<3Love / happines expression of love or happiness
<3Love / happines
<3Text version of a expressing love or happiness Also sometimes “<Three”
140ismA miscommunication in 140 characters or fewer Often when 140 characters were not enough
30 BoxesTool …..Has tight Twitter integration After adding Twitter to your Web Stuff you can view twitters from you & friends & you can post directly to Twitter
4uFor You
4ward Forward
AalcotwitticTwitter Addiction
ab or abt About
ActwivistOne who uses a Twitter message to advocate or oppose a political social or environmental cause  Also: Actwivism
AFAIKAs far as I know …..IS a personal take on a
AFAIKAs far as I know
At reply or “@reply”A tweet that is directed to a fellow Twitter user  Can be a statement or question
AttwackerSomeone that verbally assaults someone on Twitter AKAa Twamer one who flames someone
AttwactionA crush intellectual or physical on a fellow twitterer
AtwentionA condition of readiness or availability through direct communication on Twitter
B  Be
BackTwoundA custom Twitter Background for business or personal use
BacontwitsA Twitter message involving everyone’s favorite cut of meat bacon
BFNBye For Now
Bigger TwitterTool …..A service similar to Twitzer which allows you to post longer messages although works by placing a link in the Tweet
BigTweetTool …..BigTweet installs as a bookmark let to your browser & allows you to post to Twitter from any web page Insert special Unicode characters & shorten URLs
whitebird Mobile Tool …..A Twitter client for whiteBerry Smartphone’s
BlogoMac Tool …..A weblog editor which is also a full-featured Twitter client integrated with Twitpic tiny URL tweetburner & Pingfm
BLTLinux Tool …..Pearl script that lets you see what your friends are doing right from the Terminal
BRBest Regards
BTW  By the way
CelebritweetA celebrity who uses Twitter
CelebrityTweetTool …..Stalk or follow celebrities on Twitter as they tweet in real-time
CheckYesOrNoinfoTool …..Create simple yes or no polls & use the ‘send to twitter’ feature to easily share with your Twitter buddies It’s like those notes you used to get from girls back in junior high
ChirpesA Canarial for which there is no known Tweetment
ChirpologistA subspecialty of Featherology dealing specifically with the diagnosis care & tweetment of Chirpes
ChirpologyThe study of Chirpes
ChirrupWindows Tool …..Twitter client with extensive Japanese language support
cld  Could
CommuteeA tweeting commuter on public transport
CotagSignature of one user in a multi-user-account like ^BS at the end of a tweet
CullectTool …..Collaborative feed reader optimized for Twittersign in with your Twitter id post to Twitter Cullect also auto-expands shortened urls More info at @cullect •
CybertweetTwitter-based mutual masturbation with someone you wouldn’t speak to in real life
CybertwernityA Tweet that stays on the web for eternity
CybertwernityA spaced out tweet
CybertwernityWhere a Twitterer will spend his/her days…
CybertwernityThe time it takes to get a reply on Twitter from some Twits!
Daily TwosA tweet by an editor or reader of Daily Koscoma popular progressive blog,
DejaTweetThe overwhelming feeling that you just saw that same tweet from that same person20 minutes ago
DIAFShort for Die In A Fire presumably because there is an extra toasty spot reserved for them where they’re going
DMDirect Message
DM  Direct MessageAll the Twitter message are visible to your followers by default In case if you to communicate with someone personally then you DM them
DrunktwitteringSimilar to drunk dialing
DweetA tweet made perhaps regrettably while under the influence of alcohol
DweetTweet sent while drunk
DwiggerTool …..Threaded conversations & voting for Twitter
EgotwisticalTending to talk excessively about oneself on Twitter
EMAEmail address
Escaped Twitter JailYou have gone back into normal life for a while.
ExactoTweetA tweet that is exactly 140 characters
F2FFace to Face
F2FFace to Face …..An actual conversation
F2F  Face to Face …..As in meeting someone in person
FailwhaleThe whale held up by birds & string that shows that Twitter has crashed  In danger of extinction but still seen from time to time
Fatal attwactionThe condition afflicting a person who is stalking other Twitter users
fav/fave Favorite
Favorite:A “bookmarked” tweet Consider Ur “favorites” as a reflection of you ”brand me” If you’re a business or a person sprinkle Twitter kudos in those favorites with the operative word being sprinkle!
FeatheretteAn underage Twitterer
FeatherliciousA delicious Tweet
FeatherliciousUsed in its musical form as sung to the tune of “Fergalicious” such as “She’s Featherlicious”
FeatherologistA physician specializing in the diagnosis care & tweetment of Twitter related diseases
FeatherologyThe study of Twitter related diseases such as Nest Ass & Chirpes
FeatheropolisUrban Twitter city
FeedalizrA free desktop application that allows you to view rate & comment on what your friends are sharing online Tweet upload pics
FFSFor F**k’s Sake To let someone know how fed up you are “FFS don’t use Twitter when you are a bot”
fitURLTool …..Fit URL creates short URLs just like tiny URL accept it fights spam by checking for spam URLs which makes it much more reliable
FlitterTweeting while in flight
FlotzamWindows Tool A Mash Up of Twitter Flickr Facebook & blogs completely configurable
Fly-ByeSigning off of Twitter
FMLF**k My Life An expression of exasperation “Company just blocked Twitter on work computers FML”
FollowAction Choosing to sign up to receive someone’s Tweets
Follow+UserNameAction The instruction to keep up with a user’s flow of Twitter messages
Follower:Someone who sees your tweets in their Tweet Stream Following is generally not a reciprocal arrangement like it is with Facebook or LinkedIn
FollowersTerm  People who follow your updates
FollowershipThe collective group of Twitter users following a given Twitterer
FollowFridayA tag used on Twitter as a way to tell your followers about other Twitterers that are worth following  knowledgeable people that they should follow
Follow LocalsA tag used on Twitter as a way to tell your LOCAL followers about other LOCAL Twitterers that are worth following 
FolloworthyA Twitter user who is worthy of being followed
FollowspamThe practice of following another Twitter account usually to prompt a reciprocal follow in order to boost follow counter to encourage the followee to explore the profile of the follower
FoodFeedTool …..Twitter-based food log Track what you eat by prefixing a message with @having or direct messaging having
FreeTweetsTool …..Cool collections of hottest Twitter Backgrounds
FriendapaloozaA scheduled burst of friend-adding on Twitter & other social networks
FriendFeedOne of the alternatives to Twitter that’s gained traction as twoutages have increased
Friendfeed Tool  …..Puts all of our RSS content onto one page making it easy to see from one glance rather than going to different properties
FriendorfollowTool  …..Find out who you’re following that’s not following you back & who’s following you that you’re not following back
FriendscrapingThe act of friending all of a friend’s friends either manually or via a bot Example: “Dude found her by friendscraping”
FTLFor The Loss
FTLFor The Loss …..Complaint or disapproval
FTWFor The Win
FTWFor The Win …..Enthusiasm or recommendation
FuelFrogTool …..Use Twitter to keep a log of your fuel & mileage Compare your mileage with others in your area or with the same car
fwd Forward
FYIFor YOUR Information
g TwitterLinux Tool …..GTK+ based app inspired by Twitterrific
GACGet a clue
GAFCGet a f**king clue
Geo TwitterTracks the geographical location of the most recent Tweets
Get+UserNameA command that retrieves the most recent updated Tweet from that user
GetTweetAcquire Twitter modifications & add-ons
Google SnackrTool …..Snackr is an RSS ticker that pulls random items from your feeds & scrolls them across your desktop When you see a title that looks interesting you can click on it to pop up the item in a window
Got out of Twitter JailYou have gone back into normal life for a while.
Green TweetsTool Tracks tweets about green & environmental topics based on semantic natural language analysis rather than keyword
Hash Tag  #The “#” sign which allows Twitters users to group their tweet with a particular event or conversation 
Hashtag  Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context & metadata to your tweets They’re like tags or categories only added inline to your post
Hexeet\’hehks-‘eet\when one sends a tweet in Hex code
HTHat-Tip to credit
IC I see
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It  Often used when someone reposts a tweet that they already posted in the past
IlltwitterateThe uninitiated Those who “don’t get it”
iltwitterateNot understanding Twitter
IM  Instant message
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMHOIn My Honest Opinion IMHO usually indicates that ‘This is an op-ed tweet not a factual assertion
IMOIn My Opinion
IRLIn Real Life
IRLIn Real Life …..out there in the real world
IRL  For….In REAL life
iTweet Mobile Tool  A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone
iTwitMobile Tool …..Mobile version of Twitter made for the iPhone
ItzIt is
j Twitter Mobile Tool …..View time line center updates & more all on your mobile phone
J/KJust kidding Often added at the end of a snarky tweet
Jack DorseyPerson Widely acknowledged as the inventor of Twitter
Jaiku Tool …..A competitor of Twitter currently owned by Google
JargongMobile Tool …..Browse Flickr do some social networking but most importantly check & publish tweets
JK or j/k  Just kidding
JSYKJust So You Know
JVJoint Venture
kewl  Cool
KipFolio WidgetWindows Tool …..Simple Twitter widget for KipFolio
kkCool / Wonderful
L8 Late
L8er Later
LiveTwittingTool …..Use LiveTwitting for your next conference event or meeting instead of live blogging Simple commands to turn recording on & off all through Twitter
LMAO  Laughing My Ass Off
LMKLet me know
LMKLet me know request a reply
lmk  Let me know
LOLLaugh out Loud
LOLUsually known to people as Laugh Out Loud “LOL you don’t know the meaning of LOL?”
LOL  Laughing out loud
Loud TwitterTool …..Automatically transfer your Tweets directly to your blog
Mad Twitter Windows Tool …..A reincarnation of Twitterrific except on Windows
MashupA mix-up of services from two or more websites presented on a alternate website
meatupA gathering meet up to eat steak
METROflockA group of those who follow a municipally significant Tweetpresentative
METROroostA subscription or frequently loaded page of municipally significant aggregated METRO tweets
METRO tweetA tweet by some persons or some software service nested within some municipally significant geographic locale
Micro-blogTerm  A tiny way to blog Twitter only allows 140 characters & classified as a micro-blog
Miss# or Mr#A way of referring to kids “Miss3 3-year-old daughter”
MistweetA tweet one later regrets
Mistweet  A message or ‘Tweet’ that was sent in error or one later regrets
Moni TwitterTool  Receive important updates about your site via Twitter
MRTModified ReTweet: Use when you have to edit the original tweet for grammer spelling or space for your comments
Naked twitsA twitterer’s unprotected updates
NarcissitwitA Variation:  Narcitwit Someone in love with the sound of their own tweets
Nest AssThe shape of your butt from sitting at the computer Twittering all day
NesticillinThe only known cure for Chirpes
NestmakkahThe Twitter version of Hannukkah
NestmasThe Twitter version of Christmas
NestographyThe topography of your Nest Ass
NestologistA subspecialty of the Featherlogy profession dealing specifically with the diagnosis care & treatment of Nest Ass
NFW“No F**king Way
NSFWNot Safe For Work usually a warning about an adult oriented link that is in a Tweet
NTSNote TO Self
Nudge+UserNameA Twitter command used to remind a Friend to update their Twitter status
ObviousCompany The American company based in California that created Twitter
OMGOh my Gosh
OMGOh my Gosh disbelief
OMG Oh my god/gosh
OmnipotwitAn all knowing all powerful deity on Twitter
peeps  People
peeps /pplPeople
picobuzzTool ….Shows popular buzz words from the public timeline & who’s sayin’ them!
Ping TwitterTool …..Ping your Twitter account from your blog so it auto updates when you make a new blog post
Pleshette-edPecked to death as by Suzanne Pleshette in “The Birds” by replies on Twitter
PLNSeen in educational Tweets Means Professional Learning Network or Personal Learning Network
plzPlease asking nicely
pockettweetsMobile Tool …..A Web-based Twitter client for the Apple iPhone
PolitweetsTool …..A Tool for tracking Tweets relating to politics
pplPeople peeps
pple People
propsProper respect
propsProper respect Show some proper respect
PRTPartial Retweet
PTPost Tweet  Post Scriptum PS + Tweet that which comes after your statement
PuntwitSomeone offering opinion or criticism in an authoritative manner on Twitter May or may not enjoy such status outside of Twitter
PuntwitocracyThe punditocracy on Twitter most often discovered in #journotwits
PwytterWindows Tool  Cross platform Python Twitter client with Asian character support
QuotablyTool …..A ‘conversation’ tracker it threads together the discussions that members are having by looking at the replies interesting 2see how conversations spiral in2 different threads
Raymond CreamcuffingRecognizing a Twitter in public without them recognizing you & touching them
ReBirdTwat who’s transformed into a Twitterbird Twitter maniac
Regurg-a-TweetThe act of re-tweeting a tweet that someone originally tweeted about you 
ReporTwittersBunch of journalists publishing ‘reality style’ tweets in conjunction with their articles
RetweetmeTool & action …..Use Twitter to remind yourself of things you might forget When the time comes Twitter will message you the reminder
RitwalA pattern or system of set procedures observances actions & behaviors of a specific group or Twibe
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing
RSS2 Twitter Tool  Share any RSS feed on Twitter& have new RSS items automatically be tweeted
RTRetweet: tweeting content posted by another user
RT / Retweet  When you repeat a tweet from someone else
RT or RetweetAnalogous to forwarding an email resending a tweet sent by someone else Courtesy
RU?  Are you?
Ruby on RailsThe programming language used to create & develop Twitter
Saytweet Tool …..Create a Twitter badge that shows your updates on a picture! Upload a picture & then tag some Twitter users in that picture
Search PluginBrowser plugin Tool …..Tweet right from the Firefox search box
SerentwipityFunny ironic or thought-provoking pairing or grouping of tweets in a timeline
ShareaholicBrowser plugin Tool …..Share links & WebPages via Twitter right within Firefox
shld   shouldShould
Shortened URLsThere are also a number of services—URL shorteners—that take regular links & shrink them down to a manageable length for tweets & some even let you track clicks
SnapTweetSnapping a mobile photo uploading to Flickr& using to post it to your Twitter stream
SnapTweet Mobile Tool …..Snapping a mobile photo uploading to Flickr& using to post it to your Twitter stream
SnitterTool lots of features with a great UI make this Twitter client stand& out from the crowd Built on AIR
SpazCross-platform Tool …..Desktop client built with AIR
SpeedtweetA grouping/list of favorite or most contacted users “I’ve got you on speed tweet”
SpitterA Twitter spammer
SpweetThis is short for Tweet Spam
Star TwekA tweet about or involving anything related to Star Trek  Trekkies who are also tweeple Star Twek
StrawPollTool Tiny daily polls in 140 characters or less
SummizeSearch Tool …..For searching the content of hundreds of thous&s of Tweets As of fall 2008 it is
Switch twitterPerson maintaining multiple Twitter accounts
Tele TwitterWindows Tool …..Experimental open source client
TerramindsSearch Tool …..Search for specific users or tweets
thx/tx  Thanks
TIAThanks in advance
TikiTwit Mac Tool …..Match your iChat status to your last tweet
Tiny TwitterMobile Tool …..Works with any Java enabled device that’s a bunch & includes the CrackBerry & any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone
TMBTweet me back
TMBTweet me back request a reply
TopNewsTrendsTool …..Top News Trends combines Google trends data with Twitter search
TrackThisTool Track your Fed Ex UPS & DHL packages using Twitter direct messages
Trending TopicsOn the right side of your screen & on the Twitter search page you’ll see ten Trending Topics which are the most-mentioned Terms on Twitter at that moment
TreoTwit Mobile Tool …..Easily check & update your Twitter right from your Treo
TriqqrWindows Tool …..Submit tweets directly to Twitter & view user profiles
TrivilianSomeone who does not twitter
TrivilianSomeone who has not joined twitter
TtwweettttwwweetA tweet about tweets a tweet about tweets about tweets respectively Perform s/tw/ttww/ for each additional level of meta
TTYLTalk to you Later
TTYSTalk to you soon
ttysTalk to you soon
TUThank You
Tw&leTwitter + handle: A Twitter username “Hey man what’s your twandle?”
Tw00bA Twitter n00b  
TwackerA computer programming who is hacking Twitter
TwackerA computer programming who is hacking Twitter
TwacklistTwitter + whitelist
TwacklogA backlog of tweets
TwactorSomeone who pretends to be a real life identity on Twitter
Twadd   To add someone as a friend mutual followers
Twaddict1: One addicted to Twitter 2: One afflicted with a Twaddiction
Twaddle1: The rubbish Tweets that no one wants to read 2: A Twitterer with a bad walk akin to a duck
Twaddle The rubbish Tweets that no one wants to read A Twitterer with a bad walk akin to a duck
TwadgetWindows Tool  Simple gadget that lets you view & submit tweets right from Vista’s Sidebar
Twaffic   Twitter traffic
TwaffickingOffering/dealing in illegal Tweets always via DM
TwaffickingSeen following new & innocent Twitterers
TwaffickingOffering/dealing in illegal Tweets always via DM Seen following new & innocent Twitterers
Twaggle   A gaggle of followers
TwaigslistTo offer something for sale via Twitter
TwaitA Twitter message that is scheduled to be sent in the future “Wait to Twitter twait”
TwaitingTwittering while waiting
TwaitterA person who holds onto timely tweets & ‘waits’ to send the message until a later time you can use this application to send your ‘twait’ messages Twaittercom
TwalsPeople you become pals with via Twitter
TwamShort for Tweet Spam
TwamaDrama that develops on Twitter drama
TwamilyTwitter + family: Our Twamily here on Twitter
TwammerTwitter + spammer: someone that follows many people & post updates with links to web sites akin to those found in spam e-mails
TwamousA Widely known or honored for achievement on Twitter  <The_Real_Shaq is Twamous>
TwanaPronounced as “twann-ah”
TwanaPlural Form: “Twanas”
TwanaTwitter + AnaA person with the Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa who chooses not to recover known as an “Ana” or to be “ProAna” & uses Twitter to network with other “anas”
TwanasPronouned as “twann-ahs”  See definition for Twana
TwanceSomebody in a Twitter trance
TwangA tweet from someone in the South “Right nice twang y’all posted there@billybob”
TwankerA person organization or company who uses bad form on or exhibits bad behavior on Twitter “The twanker DM’d me trying to tell me how to grow followers”
TwannaPronounced as “twon-ah”
TwannaTwitter + Wanna A person who pretends or wants to have an Eating Disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa& uses Twitter to participate in “eating disorder- like” behavior
TwannaPlural Form: “Twannas”
TwannarexicPronounced as “twon-ah-rex-ic”
TwannarexicTwitter + Wannarexic A person who pretends or wants to have the Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa & uses Twitter to network
TwannarexicPlural Form: “Twannarexics”
TwannarexicsPronounced as “twon-ah-rex-ics” See definition for Twannarexic
TwannasPronounced as “twon-ahs” See definition for Twanna
TwansformerAn application that modifies your tweet before you send it Ex spell check shortening URLs or conversion to text-speak so it fits under
TwanslatorAn application that enables you to translate your tweets or other people’s tweets into any other language Twaittercom is a twanslator
TwantwamWhen somebody throws a tantrum
TwapdoodleSee “Twiffle”
TwappiTool Daily Twitter mood
TwarcissismInordinate fascination with oneself betrayed via Twitter Tweets betraying excessive self-love
TwardwareTwitter hardware
TwarismaSomeone who has an abundance of Swagger & charisma with their 140 characters on twitter
TwarmaThe BAD Karma you get when you don’t retweet or promote other Tweeps so they get followers
TwarmyThe Twitter army
Twashdot  News for twitterers Stuff that doesn’t matter
TwasturbationSee: Twyber Sex
TwatPerson behind spam Twitter acct
TwatterTwitter chatter
Twaunt  To taunt someone over Twitter
Twautocomplete Tool …..Firefox extension to add autocomplete on Twittercom for @-messages & d-messages
TwavatarTwitter avatar user icon
TwawesomeAwesomeness on Twitter e.g. “That was a twawesome comeback”
TwawkwardBeing awkward on Twitter
Twead   To read a twitter
TweamTo dream about a Twitter contact who you have never met in real life [ Twitter + dream]
TweaseA person who teases people over Twitter
TweaserSomeone who refers to something juicy like a racy photo in a tweet but then posts no corresponding link
TweatenWhat happens to a tweet when Twitter or a client app eats it
TweatureTwitter + creature Any user or account on Twitter that is not identifiable by content as being from a human
TweavenTwitter + heaven
TwebayTo offer something for sale via Twitter
TwebinarMashup between Webinar & Twitter
TwecklingThe act of heckling via tweets
TwediaMedia on Twitter e.g. @nytimes @bbcnews etc
TweeciprocityThe exchange of a follow for a follow by a twitterer Example: “I unfollow Tweeps who don’t follow me back I expect tweeciprocity” Twitter + Reciprocity
Tweeciprocity ratioRatio of followers to those followed Example: “My tweeciprocity has gotten better since I unfollowed all those freeloading twitchers who weren’t following me anymore!”
TweedTwitter + feed: A stream of tweets
TweeficSomething great super exceptionally good!
TweegoThe over-inflated ego that one gets when one has thous&s of Twitter followers 
TweehabTwitter + Rehab: Taking a recovery break from Twitter
TweekTwitter geek Twitter + Geek
TweekTwitter geek Twitter + Geek
TweekativeTalking or Chatting in Twitter too much
Tweekend  Spending your entire Saturday & Sunday reading & posting via Twitter
TweeotchesTwitter + biotches slang for bitches
TweepWeep on twitter
TweeperboleExaggeration in Twitter for emphasis or effect as in Hyperbole a figure of speech
Tweepish  Feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted
TweeplePeople in Twitter
TweepleFamous Twitter users are called as Twitterati & common users are referred as Tweeple So you & me are tweeple
Tweeple People who tweet & are twitters Twitter people Twitter members Twitter users
TweeplimentA nicety garnered from a good Tweet
Twitter + peeps friends

Twitter + peeps friends
TweepsYour friends on twitter
Tweeps  Twitterites that follow each other from one social media/network to another
Tweeps / TweepleThe peeps or people on Twitter of course
Tweeps / Tweeple   peeps / people on Twitter
TweepularA popular person on Twitter
TweesomeTweeting at two people at the same time
TweetA Single message seen on Twitter: act of posting to Twitter
TweetNot only a message on Twitter but another Term for a Twitter user often jokingly mistaken for a Twit
Tweet PushersWriters guest bloggers whose ideas & suggestions that will be featured at The Wall Tweet
Tweet Pushers  Writers guest bloggers whose ideas & suggestions that will be featured at The Wall Tweet Journal
Tweet VineMeans the grape vine
Tweet:Message sent to Twitter via phone the web or a third-party applications Tweet are public & can be read on the public TwitterStream with two exceptions: 1 direct tweets & 2 protected tweets
TweetAheadMac Tool  Schedule tweets to be posted ahead of time with a simple Dashboard widget
Tweetaholism   The continued use of Twitter as an addiction that is difficult to control
Tweetard   A Twitter retard
TweetbackA back link tweet for a blog article
Tweet-back  Bringing a previous tweet conversation or reference back into the current conversation
TweetbarBrowser plugin Tool  Put Twitter on your Firefox sidebar
TweetbeepTool  an alert email service where you can filter keywords
TweetburnerTool  a url shortener with stats
TweetdeckCross-platform Tool …..An Adobe Air desktop application TweetDeck enables users to split their main feed All Tweets into topic or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets
Tweet-dropping  Eavesdropping on someone’s else’s Home Page in With Friends mode
TweeterA user of Twitter compare: Twitterer
Tweeter Cross-platform Tool …..Java based client with customizable UI
Tweeterboxes  Twitterers who tweet too much
TweetfeedA customizable page that displays related Twitter activity live a way to keep track of what is happening on Twitter that interests you & share it with friends
Tweetheart  That special someone who makes your heart skip a beat
TweetheartsTwitter + Sweethearts
TweetherWhere lost tweets go to die
TweetInTerm….. When a group of twitterers agree to get together at a set time to Twitter
TweetInWhen a group of twitterers agree to get together at a set time to twitter
tweetingThe definition of someone who is actually writing out their comments
Tweeting  The act of posting to Twitter
Tweeting DisorderWhen a Tweep has a disordered pattern of Tweeting
Tweeting outSaying goodbye & logging off Twitter
TweetivityReferencing  the span of time in which someone is actively tweeting or not tweeting or the frequency of tweeting or not tweeting Also referencing the attention span of someone on Twitter
TweetlaterKeep your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you’re not in front of your computer
Tweet-N-SwitchTweeting a URL w/ the promise of valuable or interesting info only to find it was just a shameless plug
TweetpresentativeType of Tweetregator which represents a constituency of those who wish to tweet in the name of the Tweetpresentative
TweetrCross-platform Tool  Submit tweets upload files url tea built in delete messages 
TweetregatorAn aggregator of tweets
TweetsAs in: ‘A woman is only as good as her Tweets’
TweetsSeveral sweet messages sent on Twitter
Tweets“That lady has great tweets must follow”
TweetsTerm Posts on Twitter by twitterers
TweetscanSearch Tool …..Search by Term & username
TweetsorshipTweetsorship  Curious disappearance of tweets presumed to been archived on the web for future generations to learn from or smirk at
TweetsorshipThe removal of a Twitter tweet by some refeeding channel often one’s place of employ mentor a political opponent
TweetspeakAn effect of compulsive posting of tweets causes excessive compression of thoughts to fit 140 characters
TweetsperitySomeone who is successful flourishing or thriving on Twitter <Dan Hollings still can’t believe his own tweetsperity on Twitter>
Tweetsult  Insult
TweetsultedTweetsult What do you think it means you dumb twitterer?
TweetToothHaving a heavy propensity & or primal lust to tweet at all times of the day
TweetupA tweetup is simply an in-person gathering organized via Twitteroften spontaneous Companies use them for things like hosting launch parties connecting with customers & introducing like-minded followers to each other
TweetupTwitter + meet up: a gathering of folks based on a Twitter conversation often impromptu
TweetUpWhen twitterers meet in person in one’s home nest Example: Denver TweetUp in May Tweet Ups The meeting place for all Twitterers to TweetUp!
TweetupAn in-person meet up of Twitter members
TweetUp:A real-world meeting of people who have connected via Twitter
TweetwalkingTwittering whilst asleep
TweetwhatyoueatTool …..Your daily food diary Setup your own Twitter food diary in moments
TweetwhatyouspendTool …..Cash tracking made simple through Twitter
TweetWheelTool …..Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other!
TweezingIncessant marketing via Twitter the constant commercial pecks come-ons & teases that slowly grind down your soul Similar to spamming but more coy
TweezureTwitter seizure
TweighborSomeone who is a member of your Twitter community
TweighborhoodA group of Twitters who follow one another
TwellowTool …..A directory that categorize Twitter users into the various categories
TwellusTell us or give us your opinion about
TwemeA Meme on Twitter
TwendyTwitter + trendy  As in “All the twendy people are doing it”
TweniusA Tweeting Genius Purveyor of fine tweets
TweologismA new word meaning or phrase specific to Twitter
TweoryTwitter as applied to theory  See
TwequilibriumWhen your number of followers exactly matches the number of people you follow
TwerdA Twitter nerd eg one who contributes to a Twitter dictionary
TwerminologyThe study of TwitterTerminology
Twerminology Twitter Terminology
Twermit One who doesn’t tweet very often but follows the conversations
TwerpAnyone who doesn’t play nice on Twitter
TwerpscanTool  Check the number of followers of everyone on your contact list the number of people they are following & the ratio between those If the person is following
TwerrorismUsed instead of terrorism when Twitter is under a hack attack example: Fight twerrorism change password
TwesaurusA list of synonyms for Terms found in the Twictionary  There is no known instance of a Twesaurus yet
TwesbianAn openly lesbian user on Twitter
TwesbianShort form of Twesbian <lesb0 is such a funny twesbo>
TwescapadeA tweetup of massive proportions often involving a road tripeg “Boise & Portland & twitterati are meeting in Bend for a giant twescapade”
TweshPutting a move on a female Twitterer  As in “I’m not getting Twesh with you”
TweskankIs someone who twitters while on a date
TwessengerWindows Tool …..Updates Live Messenger status to reflect latest tweet
TwestingMeans testing
TwestivalA coordinated event entirely run by volunteers in cities around the world& 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support a charity
TwetinA Twitter user of subnormal intelligence Derivation: Twitter + cretin Also see twurzel
TwetiquetteEtiquette for Twitters
TwewbieSomeone new to Twitter.  A Twitter newbie
Twexplanation  Sending a nebulous tweet & having to explain it while offline from Twitter
TwextingIs the act of tweeting via text messaging
TwhaterA person who thinks Twitter is dumb
Twhepherd  The Twitter employee that finds & restores lost followers to your twaggle
Twhiner  A twitterer who only ever posts whiney negative tweets
TwhirlTool …..A desktop client for the Twitter micro blogging platform powered by Adobe AIR Connects to multiple Twitter laconica Friendfeed & seesmic accounts
TwhitherTo ask/tell where one is going via Twitter
TwhitherAlternate: twither
TwiaPronounced as “twee-ah” Plural Form: “Twias”
TwiaPlural Form: “Twias”
TwiaTwitter + MiaA person with the Eating Disorder Bulimia Nervosa who chooses not to recover known as a “Mia” or to be “ProMia” & uses Twitter to network with other “mias”
TwiasPronounced as “twee-ahs” See definition for Twia
TwiatusTo take a break or hiatus from tweeting
TwibeA Twitter Tribe The people on Twitter that you follow or that are following you
Twibinary \’twih-bih-“ner-re¯ \ To Send a Twit in binary code
TwiBirtherRecurring Twitter user for the second time
TwibuteTo pay tribute to so on Twitterto give praise to make a compliment etc
TwicabularyA vocabulary of Twitter Terms set forth or defined in a Twictionary,  Twossaryor Twesaurus
TwictivismActivism in the form of tweeting about an event &/or a problematic issue
To solve a problem using twitter
TwiczophrenicWhen a Tweet appears to be the result of a thought disorder because of attempted compression of complex ideas into 140 characters esp. by removing articles & pronouns contr Twidiot
Twideo-cronicity  When you’re watching someone’s videos & they are simultaneously leaving a comment or tweet for/at/about you
TwidgetMac Tool …..Update your Twitter status within Dashboard
Someone who cannot string together a grammatically correct simple sentence in 140 characters
TwidiumIs watching a game & twitting each play  Arsenal & Man U play to day I will meet you at the Twidium
twidroidTool the first full-featured Twitter client for &android mobile phones
TwiendTwitter + friend: you follow them & they follow you
TwiffleTrivial nonsense posted on Twitter usually in response to the question “What are you doing?”
TwiflingA Describes tweets that disrespect oneself or others or reveal one’s innate ghetto-ness
TwigestA manually compiled digest consisting of tweets either from one’s own timeline or from other’s timelines
twiggitTool twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on Twitter know what articles you digg
Twike  To ride a bike with Twitter
TwilighterA night twitter
TwilighterTwivilian vampire
TwillerA thriller written via Twitter
TwimpTwit + Wimp An in effectual timid or insecure person on twitter
TwimpTwit + Pimp;  Someone representing or promoting a person or idea <shoq is @weelaura’s Twimp>
TwinacularTwinacular A formal or informal common Terms & forms of expression in the Twitterverse
TwincidenceA coincidence on Twitter as when two unrelated tweeters tweet about the same subject
TwinfluenceTool a simple Tool…..Using the Twitter API to  measure the combined influence of twitterers & their followers with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus
TwinfomercialThe selling of ones own product disguised as a tweet
TwingoTwitter lingo…..The informal language & speech of Twitter users
twingupAn offline gathering to eat buffalo wings said gathering being planned on Twitter
TwinjaCross-platform Tool…..AIR based client which allows you to follow users on the fly
TwinkedIn  Inviting friends made on Twitter to “connect with you on LinkedIn
TwinkleMobile Tool …..Contact old friends & make new ones all with Twinkle the location-aware network for the iPhone & iPod Touch
TwinsTwipperaBrowser plugin Tool  Twitter widget for Opera that can send & view tweets
TwiqueTwitter + Clique:  A narrow circle of tweeps associated by common interests or purpose
TwirtThe act of flirting publicly via Twitter also noun: a person in the act of twirting
Twis To dis a fellow twitterer….. Bad form
TwistTool ….. See trends in Twitter
Twisticuffs  Fighting with a fellow twitterer over Twitter
TwistoryThe history of a Twitterer’s tweets & replies e.g. “I’m catching up on my twistory”
TwistoryImportant events or milestones that have occurred in the Twitterverse e.g. “I made twistory today by gaining 10,000 followers”
TwistoryWebsite that allows a Twitterer’s Twitter history to be added to calendar applicationstwistorynet
TwitEnglish definition….. A foolish Twitterer
TwitA silly annoying person In the same class as a Twat
TwitHalf the sound an owl makes …..Twit-Terwoo
Twit4LiveWindows Tool …..Set status message as latest tweet send tweets from within Live Messenger& send tweets to contacts
TwitaddictOne who is 100% Twitter Addicted usually fiends when hasn’t used Twitter for >1 hr  see:“>
TwitanoiaIs an intense psychological aversion to all things Twitter You tweet?!  OMG!  Get away from me  I’ll pray for you
TwitbarLinux Tool ….. Post tweets from the GNOME deskbar
TwitBinBrowser plugin Tool  TwitBin is an extension for firefox that brings the power of Twitter right in your browser Send & view tweets right within it
TwitBoxWindows Tool ….. Desktop client View & submit tweets see replies & direct messages delete your own tweets & multiple account support
twitchAn intense need to Tweet
TwitchWhen you tweet a typo causing you to tweet a correction before getting a load of replies
TwitcherOne who follows you just to get a follow back only to dump you a day later when you don’t reciprocate
TwitcrushDeclaring a crush on another Twitter user See also: Twush
TwitDirTool …..A Twitter directory no more You are looking for someone something? Just type a few words in the search engine
TwitDir Search Tool …..Allows user to search for users by name location or username
TwitebateA debate usually political between two or more parties on Twitter Usually results in severe follower loss
TwitelLinux Tool …..Another utility that allows publishing of tweets within Emacs
TwiterateTo revise a tweet over & over so it fits within Twitter’s 140-character limit
TwiteratureLiterary works in twitter
TwiteratureQuotes from literature on Twitter Marked by #twiterature It’s a Thing
TwiteryIt could have an alternate meaning: a person who thinks Twitter is dumb or doesn’t get twitter’s usefulness & disparages those who use Twitter could be called a twater Twitter hater but they could also have Twitter issues or twissues
TwiteryTwittered poetry
TwiteryWhen Twitter application has problems is broken 
TwitfacedA Twitterer who tweets one thing & means another!
TwitFicTwitter tweets made by a fictional persona
TwitfluencerA Twitter user you follow that influences you most often someone with a massive amount of followers
TwitgasmInfo shared via Twitter that’s so good well you know
TwitgitMac Tool ….. Read your friend’s tweets & submit your own right in Dashboard
Twitht\’twih-“th-t\  a thought that is twitted in 140 characters or less on twitter
TwithtPat- Have twithtprt Twithting \’twih-“th-ti?\ft will Twitht
TwitiquetteTwitter etiquette for Twidiot/s
TwitiquetteTwitter + Etiquette: The relatively unwritten rules of conduct while on Twitter
TwitjackingPosting from someone’s account or having your account posted from especially if insulting
TwitkitBrowser Tool …..TwitKit is a Twitter sidebar for Firefox TwitKit has a 6-section interface using tabs to separate content
TwitorialEither a Twitter tutorial or giving a tutorial using Twitter
TwitorisA sexual organ in female Twitter users that exists solely to induce pleasure  Service log-in is  not required
Twitosphere  Community of twitterers
TwitphiliaIs a psychological obsession with Twitter & a compulsion to tweet I don’t sleep anymore since I can’t update that way
TwitpicTool …..TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone our API or through the site itself
TwitscapeA shorter easier to text form of reference to the Twitterverse see: Twitterverse
TwitsultantA professional consultant specializing in all things Twitter
TwittarrA Twitter message involving anything related to pirates
Twittastic  Fantastic wonderful superb coined by the folks at Twitterholic when referring to their robots
TwittcrastinationTerm …..Twittering as a form of procrastination
TwittcrastinationAvoiding action while Twittering procrastination enabled by Twitter use
TwittcrastinationTwittering as a form of procrastination
Twittduit  If you need to Tweet a friend that does not follow you post a Twittduit asking your followers to pass a message
TwittectomyTerm  unfollowing friends
TwittelatorMobile Tool …..Complete iPhone Twitter client  Available through the App Store
TwitterA service that enables millions of people with nothing to say to say it to millions of people  A Pet Rock you don’t have to walk
Twitter CLIWindows Tool …..Post tweets via the command line
Twitter for VimLinux Tool  Publish tweets right within Vim
Twitter GaolA feeling that Twitter has you trapped & unable to get out.
Twitter JailA feeling that Twitter has you trapped & unable to get out.
Twitter SPYTool Twitter SPY displays the Twitter public timeline
Twitter Squatter“I’m in ur twitr waitin 4 u”  A person holding on to a Twitter username in hope of some personal gain
Twitter100View 100 Tweets at a time
TwitterantiTwitterati + rant:  Twitterer famed for going off on rants
TwitteratiThe big guys at Twitter Those with more followers than you can count in your lifetime
TwitteratiTwitter + literati Origin is literati the literary intelligentsia or educated class
TwitteratiSomeone who is very famous on Twitter is often referred as Twitterati Famous means people with large number of followers
Twitterati  The glamorous A-List twitterer’s everyone wants to follow
Twitterati:Celebrity & a-list Twits or Tweeple or Tweeters
TwitterationAs in 6 degrees of Twitteration defining the ability to reach anyone on Twitter via anyone else’s followers within 6 moves The perfect definition of Twitter
TwitterazziTwitterers who endlessly follow/stalk celebrities in the hopeless quest that they will get an inbox sighting & be noticed Fat Chance!
Twitterbate  To masturbate to another user’s tweets
TwitterbationThe act of tweeting oneself when trying to reply to someone else “I Tweeted myself & I liked it!”
TwitterBerryMobile Tool …..Twitter built for various whiteBerry devices Update & view timelines with ease
TwitterBuzzTool …..Find out what domains are being most linked to on Twitter
Twittercal mass  A community that has achieved a critical mass of twitterers
TwittercaneTwitter + hurricane: an overwhelming swirling vortex of tweets which often leaves those it passes feeling drenched & disheveled
TwitterCardTool …..Create a 125×125 Twitter business card widget to put on your blog & display bio & recent status
TwittercideTo commit twittercide is to decide to close or kill your Twitter account
TwitterdipityHappening to see or send a tweet that helps you or another tweeter via links info connecting etc serendipity
TwitterectomyCutting Twitter out of one’s life for a period of time because Twitter is taking up too much of their time
TwitterectomyCutting Twitter out of one’s life for a period of time because Twitter is taking up too much time
Twitterel Linux Tool…..Publish tweets while in Emacs
TwittererTerm …..A user of Twitter compare- Tweeter
TwittererA user of Twitter compare: Tweeter
TwitterersA group of people whom have Twitter accounts
TwitterexicPlural form: Twitterexics
TwitterexicA person who purposefully starves their self from Twitter & Tweeting A Twitterexic is the opposite of a Twitterholic
TwitterexicsSingular form: Twitterexic
TwitterexicsPeople who purposefully starve themselves from Twitter & Tweeting  Twitterexics are the opposite of Twitterholics
TwitterfamAn Online Term of endearment for your followers
twitterfeedcomTool “feed your blog to twitter” submit your blog’s feed & get your new blog posts twittered automatically
Twitterfly  Being a social butterfly on Twitter evidenced by extreme usage of @ signs
TwitterFoxBrowser plugin Tool …..Compact Firefox extension that can publish & view tweets  previously known as TwitterNotifier 
TwittergraderTool  Twitter Grader gives you a grade based on the power of your Twitter profile
TwitterholicA person who is addicted to using Twitter  Also a website showing top Twitter user rankings & stats
TwitterholicTool …..Shows the top users & accounts on Twitter
TwitterhumpinngExcessively flirtatious tweets between two people to the point of cyber tweet  See: cyber tweet
Twittering  To send a Twitter message
TwitterishTerm  Erratic behavior with short outbursts
Twitteritas   Women who play with their twitters
TwitterizationTwitter’s influence on other social media Web sites such as FB for example or any other aspect of society
Twitterject  Interject your tweet into an existing tweet stream of conversation
TwitterkendA person who spends the weekend using Twitter
Twitter-kuThose who either post on both Twitter & Jaiku or load their Twitter feed into Jaiku
TwitterlessTool …..Twitterless will notify you when somebody stops following you & tell you who it is & your follower history is graphed out over time
TwitterlexMac Tool …..A simple Mac OS X Dashboard Widget that shows you the last 30 twitters by you & your Twitter friends updating every 60 seconds when visible
Twitterlibrium The amount of following me & followers you is equal Coined by @20sth  It’s a Thing
Twitterlicious Windows Tool …..Update Twitter status easily check replies & direct messages
Twitter-Light Zone  Where you are when you return to Twitter after any time away & feel disoriented & lost
TwitterLinkrTool ……A service collecting the best links posted trough Twitter
TwitterliterateA savvy Twitter user
TwitterlocalTool …..Filter finds tweets based upon a users profile location If you’ve a local business this could become useful Lets you generate an RSS or XML Feed to filter out Tweets around a certain area
TwitterlooingTerm …..Twittering from a bathroom
TwitterlooingTwittering from a bathroom
Twitterloop  To be caught up with friend tweets & up on the conversation
TwitterluiaTwitter + halleluiah: an expression used when something verging on the miraculous has taken place & Twitter was there to see it happen
TwittermapsTool …..A mashup technology that lets Twitter users find each other using Google maps
TwittermentiaBeing unable to remember prior to the last thing posted on Twitter
TwitterminolgyTwitter +Terminology Specific vocabulary most commonly encountered on Twitter See also twitterspeak
Twittermob  An unruly & ragtag horde of people who descend on an ill-prepared location after a provocative Twitter message
TwitternoiaThe feeling that some one nearby is twittering about you
TwitterooWindows Tool …..Client with clickable links & tweets customization & both public & friend timelines
TwitteropolyThe Twitter version of Monopoly
TwitterpatedAn affliction that Twitterers suffer from when they have a hard time getting words out
TwitterpatedTerm …..To be overwhelmed with Twitter messages
TwitterpatedTo be overwhelmed with Twitter messages  Or to have a brief but intense crush on another Twitter user
TwitterphobeA person who is afraid of Twitter
TwitterphobicDisliking or fearing Twitter to an unreasonable degree
Twitterphoria  The elation you feel when the person you’ve added as a friend adds you back
TwitterPollDaddycomTool Create Poll daddy polls & post them directly to your Twitter stream
TwitterPostMac Tool …..Basic client that submits tweets shows your current iTunes track in your feed& more
TwitterpreneurAn entrepreneur on Twitteror someone creating a Twitter-based startup
TwitterpuffAKA twitpuff A person who uses Twitter to grandstand & or pat themselves on the back for their accomplishments as in puffing themselves up
TwitterrheaA high volume unpleasant & occasionally messy blast of tweets Can sometimes be contagious
Twitterrhea  The act of sending too many Twitter messages
TwitterrificTerm  a really good Twitter thing
TwitterrificMobile & platform Tool  Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read & publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website
Twitterrific & TwitterooTwo services that let users post to Twitter using a Mac or PC
TwittersationA conversation conducted on Twitter
TwitterscuseOne of the many reasons given for Twitter not operating correctly
TwittersearchSearch Tool …..Search Twitter & tweets by word formerly
TwitterspeakUsing language found only in Tweets words not typically used in normal conversation
Twitterstream  The Twitter timeline public or friends
TwitterStreamA collection of tweets usually refers to the stream of tweets sent by everyone that you follow but may refer to the public timeline of all tweets
TwitterSync for YahooWindows Tool …..Syncs Twitter status with Yahoo Messenger status
TwittertainerOne who creates &/or produces twittertainment
TwittertainmentEntertainment created to be “aired” on Twitter
TwittertiseTool Twittertise allows you to schedule in advance & track the clickthroughs on tweets Ideal for advertisers looking to measure effectiveness
TwittertivityA person who uses productivity Tools on Twitter
Twittertories  Clusters of twittererers that follow & friend each other with little overlap with other clusters
Twittertude  Bad Twitter attitude Or a state of being like solitude only with other people present
TwittertunityAn opportunity job work lecture interview someone gets on Twitter 
TwitterverseThe body of Twitter users or community similar to “blogosphere”   also: Twitterworld Twittertopia Twitterviille Twitteropolis Twittersphere
Twitterverse / TwittervilleEveryone at Twitter The Twitter community
Twitterverse / Twitterville / TwitosphereThese words are used to refer to Twitter community just like how we use blogosphere to refer to bloggers community
TwittervisionTool …..See where in the world people are submitting tweets from real time
TwittervoreA Twitter user within the context that they consume information on Twitter A Twittervore’s preferred mode of communication & gathering news is Twitter
Twit-TerwooThe sound an ‘Owly’ makes on twitter
Twit-TerwooA Twitterer thinking of a long-term twortship
TwitterwordA specific entry in the formal Twitter vocabulary Twicabulary or any derived vernacular Twinacular Usually added to Twictionary Preferred form: Tword
TwitterWorldThe planet of Twitter located in the Feather galaxy of the Twitter Universe see: Twitterverse
TwitterYMWindows Tool …..Simple Yahoo Messenger status updater
Twittfeinated Twigged OutTwired…..To be so hyped up on twittering that you cannot sleep
Twittfessional   A confession made on Twitter
TwitThis Tool  Allow visitors to your site to easily share a page or post via Twitter
Twitticisms   Witty tweets
Twittilate   To arouse with tweets
TwittilationThe enjoyment one gets from viewing certain twitpics or reading secret tweets
TwittiquetteUsing proper etiquette on twitterspamming a bunch of tweets at once is bad twittiquette
Twittish  Too skittish to Twitter
TwittleSmall amount of followers on Twitter
TwittleTo carve up a fellow Twit as if a piece of wood
Twittle“What a lovely twittle society we have on Twitter”
Twittonary  Dictionary of   Twitter Terminology
TwittourOne’s personal journey through Twitter 
Twittsomnia  Twittering due to inability to sleep thus compounding inability to sleep
TwitturlyTool …..A service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter
Twittworking   Networking with Twitterites using Twitter
TwittyMeans witty
TwittyTunesBrowser plugin Tool ….A FoxyTunes Firefox extension addon that posts what you’re currently listening to  Twitter
Twitux Linux Tool …..Twitter client for the GNOME desktop
TwitwallTool …..When its too long to tweet but too short to blog just TwitWall it! TwitWall is the easy-to-use quick-to-blast-out blog companion for Twitter
TwitwhoreA Twitter member of loose morals
TwitwitTwitter + dimwit A moronicinsipid or aggressively stupid person on Twitter
TwitxrTool  Share pictures from your mobile phone Automatically publish them on social networks & photo sharing sites
Twixt & tween  Can’t decide who or what to tweet
TwizA Twitter-based quiz
TwlockedTo be Twitter blocked similar to writers block but with more stress
Twode  To hack on the Twitter API
TwoffNot on Twitter for a long time period “I’ve been twoff today”
Twofor  Replying to two unrelated Twitter messages with a single tweet
TwoingTwoing   To Twitter about wonderful things
TwollTo tweet with the intention of baiting someone into a reaction or a person who does such a thing
TwollectorTwitter + collector: someone that follows as many others as they can seemingly valuing the total number collected
TwollowThe act of following someone on Twitter
TwollowerTwitter + follower: someone that follows you  If you followed them too they would be twiends
TwollywopTo deliver a beat down verbally or physically if a follower gets out of line
TwomanceTwitter + Romance: state of buddy love on Twitter Noticeable when two tweeple just cant do without @replying each other all day long
TwombTwitter + Bomb: link bombing with Twitter Set with customized links from Tiny URL bitly& similar services Example:“>bitly/twomb
TwonanismSelf-referential self-a grandstanding masturbatory Tweeting
TwonferenceA conference on Twitter or a Conference of Twitters ?
TwoogleTwitter as the human Google Pose a question get near-instantaneous results The Wall Tweet Journal
Twoogle  Twitter as the human Google Pose a question get near-instantaneous results
TwoolTweepA peep you find to be cool This person is a TwoolTweep because they RT or adds a reply to one of your tweets
TwoonToon on Twitter
Twoops  When you accidentally send a private sms to Twitter
TwooshA 140-character tweet named because of the “whoosh” sound which plays in some clients when a 140-character tweet is received 
Twoosh  A full 140 character Twitter
Twopsies  When you drop things because you are twittering
TwordAny word prefixed by Tw to make it more compatible with Twitter
TwordShort form of Twitterword See Twitterword
Tword  Words formed by appending “Tw” to the original word like most words in this list
TworgyUsed with a hashtag ##tworgy on Twitter to tag Twitter orgies Tworgy is a group of four or more Tweeple sharing cyber sexual public Tweets Tworgy posts are properly tagged #swingers
TworkingThe act of twittering while working
TworkortunityAbout work: a job opportunity
Tworn-againHaving been profoundly-changed by Twitter such that you ask @god to have pity on a twits & agnostwits
TwosseyedTwittering to late at night
TwotacismThe tendency to spawn Twitter vocabulary through speech impediment see “rhotacism”
TwottieA hot woman on Twitter
Twouche  Someone acting like a BIG FAT JERK via Twitter
TwouchebagTwit + Douche bag  A celebrity or highly-followed Twitter user who rarely follows anyone not equally famous
TwoutageFailure of one or another of Twitter’s features
TwsenatorA Senator on Twitter  Alt:  Twenator
TwumorSnarky punny or quippy humor expressed as a Tweet on Twitter
TwumoristA recognized tweep who tweets Twumor that is often retweeted <@weelaura is a Twumorist>
TwunchLunch Twitter style: loosely organized open invitation lunch meeting among Twitter friends
TwunkenEither drunken tweeting or drunk on tweeting
TwuplesTwitter + Scruples: as in “you can’t just follow everybody gotta have some Twuplesy ‘know” Also used as adjective ie “Twupled “or “Twupulous”
TwupsetSad as a result of no tweets
TwupsetSad as a result of Browser failure
TwupsetSad as a result of a Block
TwupsetCos dog bit leg as in “stop twittering it’s dinner time!”
TwupsetAny interruption to the act of Twittering
TwurfacedRetuning back to Twitter after being away for a while
Twurvey  A survey sent out over Twitter
TwurzelA Twitter user usually a newbie see also tw00b twewbie unfamiliar with & confused by twitterminology used by twerds
TwushAn intense & usually passing romantic infatuation on a Twitter user tweep
TwussyTwit + Pussy,  A feckless pussy on Twitteroften politicians trying to fool people into thinking they have ideas <that @ericcantor is such a Twussy>
TwutzTwit + putz  A Twitter user tweep who is seen by some or all as an insufferable putz
TwuvTwitter love for another TweepTweet celebrity though tide a remark or class of people <@RichardBejah twuvs anyone that twollows him>
TwuzzerTool Twitter/Google Maps mashup
Twype   To type a Twitter
TwypoA typo on Twitter “If you exercise regularly & diet you can lose a lot of weight”
TY  Thanks
TYT  Take Your Time
TYVM Thank You VERY much
u’ve  For You Have
UseqwitterTool emails when a Twitter stops following you after a certain post
V2V  Voice to voice as in chatting on the phone
w or w With
w00t!  An expression of joy/excitement
wazzup?/whaddup?  What’s up?
webinarA lecture seminar presentation or workshop that takes place on a web site
WGACAWhat goes around comes around
What’s Up? Windows Vista Tool …..Gadget that allows you to see latest tweets from your friends
WhootWhoot is the Twitter Genie tweet the command& @whoot me when following @whoot to receive a prediction of your future follower count
WildSetsMobile Tool …..Extensive Twitter app for mobile phones Support >300 phones
Wing EyeA condition of uncontrollable wobbling of the eyeballs as a result of speed-reading tweets
WinggersTwitter Fingers
WingurbiaSuburban Twitter town located outside of Featheropolis
wld  Would
woz  Was
wtfWhat the f*** hopefully you don’t see/use this one much!
wtf  What the f***
WTHWhat the Heck
yammerTool  a similar micro-blogging software to Twitter but for enterprise companies & can be used as an intranet solution This company won the Techcrunch 50 award in fall of 2008
yep/yeppersYes lolokay I know yeppers isn’t *short* for yes!
YMMVYour mileage may vary
YMMVYour mileage may vary your experience may be different to mine
YoonoTool …..Receive alerts update your status or message your friends in your browser sidebar No need to switch from one site to another
yr  Your
YVWYour VERY Welcome
YWYour Welcome
YW   You’re Welcome
Zen TwitterLinux Tool …..A GUI front end for Twitter using zenity & curl}

Easy enough?

Easy enough?


Well, not quite…….. Once you have your TWITTER account is opened, that’s when the for most people, the challenges begin. It’s a very very simple concept, but like a Rubik’s Cube, unless you know WHAT to do, you’re going to soon be scratching your head.

  1. Want more followers? Simply increase your engagement with existing followers, and your followers will reTweet and recommend you to new followers. As a famous Twitterer once read… It’s not how many followers you have, it’s how many times you get reTweeted.


  1. Here is a basic Twitter tip, to get your juices flowing:

Secure your Social Username across as many social networks as you can. This tool may help: Knowem.

Establish a “Twitter Personality” or style. It’s well worth listening and observing other Tweeters that you find interesting to help you plot your “personality strategy.”


Ultimately your goal is to be 100% YOU – a real person – only notch it up bit; be MORE of whatever you are. Perhaps MORE humorous, MORE edgy, MORE informative, MORE social, MORE sexy, MORE original, MORE controversial, anything except… MORE obnoxious!


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