Top 5 Online Fundraising Sites for Nonprofits and Donors


Top 5 Online Fundraising Sites for Nonprofits and Donors

Top 5 Online Fundraising for Nonprofits and

Finally convinced that crowdfunding is the thing for ? Rest assured, crowdfunding is not simply an entrepreneur’s heaven, but also one of the best ways to gather for non-profit causes and donations. Now that have decided to follow this path, there are some details that to pay attention to, like the fact that which online portal is the best for your kind of crowdfunding requirements. Here are the top 5 online fundraising sites for nonprofit organizations and donors.

1.     Kickstarter

Even if you didn’t know before what crowdfunding is, you must have still heard of Kickstarter. Considered to be one of the first and best online portals, this is the place to see if you want to start your very own nonprofit project or donate to some of your favorite causes. Some of the salient features that you can use include organizing fund raising event campaigns, development of in- software, and of course acquiring funds through enthusiastic donors.

2.     Rally

The best part about Rally is that it is considered to be one of the most user-friendly websites that you will be able to find. If you are new to the world of internet, then this is the best place for you to start. The presentation is and you can collect as much as you need from the willing donors. This is also the reason why it is the perfect place for donors who want to contribute generously to their favorite cause.

3.     Indiegogo

What sets Indiegogo apart is that their methods and ideologies are not conventional. They go out of the way to ensure that even small nonprofit organizations have the chance to arrange events and campaigns even if they do not have space for any in-house program. They have a separate category for nonprofits that is distinguished from entrepreneurs and business setups.

4.     FirstGiving

According to many supporters and followers, FirstGiving is basically the first of its kind that came up with the idea of crowdfunding for all kinds of nonprofits and business startups. One thing that makes it very convenient for both donors and organizations is that they allow that you create a donation button directly on your website, where all the finances will be in your hands.

5.     Crowdrise

Why opt for Crowdrise? Because it is the most organized and nicely constructed website that you will come across. This not only makes it easy to handle but also allows easy choice for all the donors who have their hearts set on a particular category of nonprofit organizations. It is an excellent option for newbie crowdfunders.


These are some of the best websites that you can find online in order to support your cause, be you the entrepreneur or the donor. These websites are not only user-friendly, but also make sure that you are able to market your idea in the best possible manner. So go over and check out which website best suits your needs.



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