Top 15 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera

Top 15 Reapers Caught On Camera

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Top 15 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera
The grim reaper is spiritual being that we always associate with death. But to be more precise, the grim
reaper isn’t the bringer of death himself, but rather acts as the guide for the souls of the recently dead,
ushering them to the afterlife. Many cultures all around the world believe that this supernatural being
exists, but the question is, do you? Many people have claimed to have caught this entity on camera,
some of them are obvious hoaxes but others, well, they’re going to make you think twice. Especially
number one on this list so stay tuned for that. Here are the top 15 grim reapers caught on camera.

Reaper Drone

Ok. Let’s get the obvious fakes first before we move on to more compelling video footage. So, what
you’re looking at right now is what someone is claiming to be the grim reaper caught flying high in the
skies above Broomfield, Colorado. The uploader even claimed that this flying monstrosity isn’t a kite.
Well, something is definitely high here on this video, and it’s probably the uploader.
He’s right about one thing though, I’m pretty sure that that isn’t a kite. More than likely, it’s a drone
dressed like the grim reaper. At least the uploader had the sense to disable comments on this
video, if he didn’t, well let’s just say a few mean comments would be the least of his worries.

The Grim Reaper with a Message
From a complete fakery, let’s now move on to something that is also a complete fakery, but with a noble
twist. In this clip, we can see someone clearly wearing a grim reaper costume, roaming the beaches of
Florida, and even giving interviews to the local news people.
The guy under the hood is lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder. You see, the governor of Florida has recently
announced the re-opening of Florida beaches, that is despite the continuous rise of Covid 19 cases in the
state. Daniel is dressing up like death himself to alert all Floridians of the dangers of going to the beach,
or the unrestricted opening of businesses in general, at this particular time.

Out in the Woods
This photo has been circulating the internet for a while now, mainly in lists of the weirdest or scariest
things caught on trail cameras. I must admit, the grim reaper on this photo looks very creepy, scythe and
all. The thing is, I find it extremely hard to believe in photos as clear as this. You know what I think? It’s
probably just someone trying to prank the owner of the trail cam. The simplest explanation is always the

The Taker of Souls

Remember I said earlier that some people believe that it’s the grim reapers job to guide the souls of the
dead to the afterlife? Well, in this short clip, it seems that instead of guiding souls, the reaper literally
drags your soul from out of your body.
There isn’t a clear backstory for this clip, but all that have uploaded this believe that it was taken from a
hospital somewhere in Asia. The clip shows a shadowy cloaked figure appear near a hospital bed where
what I assume to be a patient is laying. Then it appears that the figure dragged the patient’s soul out of
the body, before disappearing into the darkness. Quite creepy, but is it ? What do you think?

The Light Wanderer

A local cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has become the haunting grounds for a mysterious man
dressed like the Grim Reaper.
The man first showed up at the San Jose del El Rosario Cemetery wearing a black cloak over a white
dress. His face was covered and he occasionally carried a bouquet of flowers that looked as if they’d
been plucked from a nearby field. It suddenly disappeared, only to reappear again a few days after.
News teams were ready for this though, and the man in black even gave an interview.
The mysterious man says his name is the “Light Wanderer” and that he comes to the cemetery to pray.
He speaks in riddles and, in all honesty, sounds like a complete weirdo. At least he’s not digging up the
graves or anything so, whatever makes him I guess.

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