This Shaolin Monk Can Easily Break Glass With a Needle

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We all have probably heard about the Shaolin monks, many have watched films about them, and someone, perhaps, even visited the famous Shaolin Temple. The image of a fearless warrior in an orange kimono is firmly entrenched in popular culture – but what do we really know about Shaolin monks? There are so many legends surrounding them – for example, one of them says monks can fly and are not afraid of bullets. It’s time to find out what these guys are really capable of.

00:00 – Welcome!
00:37 – Needle throw (Preview)
01:59 – on water
03:23 – Shaolin exam
04:48 – Head versus a steel bar
05:50 – Bending spears
06:40 – Touch of Death
07:50 – Synchronized Kung Fu
08:50 – Shaolin parkour
09:34 – Unusual training
10:22 – One finger stand
11:27 – Two-finger push-ups

Original Author: Produced by #Mind Warehouse and published on 17/10/2020 Source

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