The Power of TeamWork

The Power of TeamWork


The Power of TeamWork

 Giving orders is not leadership. Giving hope is. Leaders who serve the interests of those they lead earn far more than the obedience of their followers, they earn their respect.

Are you an inspired leader?

It is good to reflect on how well we are living up to our own leadership challenges. How well are you serving your team and your organization?

When was the last time you asked the people you lead how well you are meeting their professional needs?

When was the last time that you took a few minutes to sit with each of your team members and asked them what you can do better to help them be more effective or more satisfied in their work?

Have you ever asked your colleagues how you can inspire them to excel?

Go ahead, ask the questions and do not fear the answers.

Inspired leadership is not about weak and strong; it’s about right and wrong.

It’s about doing things the right way, for the right reasons and using your position of power, trust and influence to serve. Serve as a facilitator to get things done. Serve as a mentor to grow your team members. Ultimately, the most inspired leaders serve as an example to others that the pinnacle of leadership is reached when you care more about others standing atop the summit than you do about your own view.




“Leadership is not a top-down impulse but rather a bottom-up impact.”

“The greatest leaders in history have not been dictators but rather directors”

“Leadership maestros who used their gifts of vision, values and purpose to orchestrate actions that served a cause greater than themselves.” ~Christopher Novak

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