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The Dog and the Reflection

The Dog and the Reflection

The Dog and the Reflection

Once upon a time, a dog lived in a small town. Every day, he would sit outside the butcher’s shop hoping that the butcher would toss him a bone. One day he was sitting there when the butchered took pity on him and gave him the biggest, juiciest bone he had ever had!

The dog couldn’t believe his fortune. He immediately got up and happily scurried away with the bone in his mouth. He wished to enjoy his prized bone alone so he went around in search of the best spot to devour it. With the bone in mouth, he came across a river.

As he crossed the narrow footbridge, he happened to look down at his reflection in the water. In his haste and excitement, he failed to realize that it was his own reflection. The silly dog thought it was another dog, carrying a juicy bone, even larger than his!

Greed took over him and he jumped into the river with the intention of snatching the bone from the other dog. Alas! It was only his reaction. He splashed straight into the water and struggled for his dear life, swimming to the shore. At last, he was able to scramble out of the river.

Wet and dripping, he looked for his bone but by that time it was nowhere to be found. He realized his mistake and sadly thought, “If only I had not been greedy! I almost drowned and lost the good bone only because of my greed. How can I be so foolish?”

The dog regretted his folly for a long time but there was nothing to be done now!

The story teaches us an important lesson about life. We often find ourselves wishing for the things that others have but we forget to appreciate what life has offered us!

Michael Leunig defines this human nature by saying that,

“The hypocrisy of some is that we like to think of ourselves as sophisticated and evolved, but we’re still also driven by primal urges like greed and power.”

What we need to realize is that greed is like a bottomless pit. No amount of money, love or any other possession can fill it. It will exhaust the person in an endless effort to satisfy but it has no end. Efforts fueled by greed and jealousy can never achieve satisfaction because your needs have a limit but greed does not.

Our preoccupation with possessions is what prevents us from living our lives to the best so learn to let go of greed and jealousy and see how it completely changes your life. A person free from greed is the one who enjoys his life to the fullest.    Are you that person?


A person free from greed is the one who enjoys his life to the fullest. Are you that person?

A Selection of Preoccupation Quotes

“We preoccupy ourselves with what we had — or what we want to have — at the expense of what we have.” ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Traffic is more of the in between time where we think more about where we are going than where we are at the moment.” ~ Tom Vanderbilt

“When you are on your purpose, your preoccupation isn’t what you don’t have yet. You’ve already drunk too much of WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU ARE here in this universe and in this generation.” ~ Assegid Habtewold

“It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

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