The Craziest Ways Dictators Protect Themselves

how in 2011, Kim Jong-il, the leader of Korea die? was literally thousands of bawling their eyes out in the streets as armed guards pushed the hoards of people back from the funeral procession. You probably found the video clips to be a little unsettling at best – not to mention confusing.

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Didn’t Kim Kong-il run the country like a gangster regime? Haven’t the people of North Korea basically lived on the verge of starvation for generations while their elite generals and the ruling party live lavish lives of luxury and excess at their expense? would these oppressed people be mourning his loss with such passionate and solemn despair?

It would seem that even in death, Kim Jong-il had a stranglehold on his people through crippling intimidation and fear. But if you think that sort of thing is exclusive to North Korea, then you’d be dead wrong. Dictators, autocrats, absolute monarchs, fascists and authoritarians have had this sort of effect on their subjects all throughout history. It’s not some kind of new phenomenon. In fact, a little back though time and the history books reveals that these sort of thuggish rulers have been treating the working class as peons since the dawn of time.

Sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and political theorists alike have been studying dictators and there modus operandi for quite some time now. They have concluded that a blend of terroristic fear mongering, resource privation and propaganda are the means to place dictators in the illusionary position of being the only means of salvation for their unfortunate underlings.

Hitler manufactured an external threat based upon racism and lies to demonize the Jewish people to justify his morally bankrupt rise to power and grotesque use of force. Kim Jong-il has a painted a terrifying picture of the west and it’s inhabitants to his subjects. The goal is always the same. Maintain an atmosphere of collective paranoia and disrupt the balance of society to ensure that loyalty to the state is the only way to fend off certain demise.

Although, it would be nice to think that the North Koreans sobbed inconsolably because they feared Kim’s regime and thus felt like they had to – or else- the truth is that they likely were fully brainwashed into believing that he was the great, all-powerful, divine, messianic-like ruler that was maintaining the delicate balance of their society and holding back the forces of evil that were perpetually trying to sabotage and destroy their homeland.

Dictators can be quite proficient at pulling the puppet strings of their citizens through the skillful and weaponized use of fear and targeted anger, and they will stop at nothing to protect their own image, standing, and claim to powerful.

We’re going to take a look at the many ways that dictators protect themselves to keep themselves at the top of the pyramid of control. It might even surprise you how some dictators have used paranoia and superstition to serve their power-hungry purposes. Stick around to find out how.

The Craziest Ways Dictators Protect Themselves

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