Technology Leading the Front Line against Terrorism

Technology Leading the Front Line against Terrorism

Technology Leading the Front Line against Terrorism

Yes, technology really has advanced to this point that it is now aiding in the fight against terrorism. Be it in the form of software applications or actual fighting devices, technology is becoming the front line that is helping people around the world sleep peacefully in their beds without the fear of evil groups overtaking their states completely. So here is a list of what and how the technology today is helping fight the terror that seems to spread like wildfire.

3D Facial Recognition Software

This may not seem like something g new, but it has advanced to the point where you will find it more like fiction and sci-fi than reality. From 2D technology has emerged the 3D facial recognition device, which is able to read the distinct features of any face and make instant connections to all the information that has already been stored in the database. These scanners are able to identify people by skin textures, eye iris and even scars. Even though the technology usage has not been very commonly used so far, it is still something that can be used at airports and all other high security alert areas to save millions of lives and prevent such events as suicide bombings and target killings.

Packbots to the Safety

Robots are becoming more and more popular and highly demanded objects because their usage means that human lives do not need to be put in risk in order to gather information. Packbots are little robots that were initially used to check out damage caused by the nuclear blast in Fukushima, Japan. They are now being used by soldiers in Afghanistan to check buildings where there is fear of some hidden enemy or bombs. All the soldier would need to do is toss the robot in the building and then guide it with a controller.

Supercomputer Risk Assessment

With supercomputers risk assessment has never been easier. Having data is one thing but getting it accessed in order to make sense was becoming more and more complicated, but with the aid of these supercomputer analyzing the important information has now become fast, reliable and much more easy. These computers can create risk profiles and watch lists which can then be used at high security areas like borders and airports in order to eradicate terrorists.

Body Scans

Most people have been highly critical of body scans that take place at airports. The new body scanning machines do not need you to strip at all. All you have to do is step inside and anything dangerous will be detected immediately, that is, if you have it on you!

GPS Tracking Devices

This may seem like old news to you, but GPS tracking devices are now being used everywhere. No more is there any chance of disappearance when there is a tracking device on an automobile or lack of control in a situation where the only thing guiding is the GPS system. Mapping becomes so much more convenient when GPS is there!

Of course, at the end of the day, the use of technology is what decides whether or not it is pro or anti-terrorism!

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