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Batting My Eyelashes at You

Batting my eyelashes at you! Baby camel asked his mother, “Why do we have such large hoofs on our feet?” She turned to him. “God made us that way for a very special reason,” and she began her explanation. “The big hoofs are to keep us from sinking into the sand.” “Oh! So why do we have long eyelashes?” “It’s to protect our eyes from the sand.” “Why the big humps?” “That is to store>>>

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Why we must all get along….

Why we must all get along…. Why we must all get along…. There In a zoo in California, a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately,  due to complications in the pregnancy, the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, they died shortly after birth.    The mother tiger after recovering from the delivery, suddenly started to decline in health, although physically she was fine. The veterinarians felt that the>>>

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#LiveLIFE BUCKET LIST Set some time aside to create your bucket list and stop putting off your dreams for “someday” The best way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as a magnificent adventure. This list is a summary of many websites I have researched.  #LiveLIFE BUCKET LIST Imagine being able to say at the end of your life’s journey: “Wow, what a ride!” And what better way to have>>>

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A Trip to Adelaide Zoo

  A Trip to Adelaide Zoo Hope you enjoy a few moments from a recent trip to Adelaide Zoo to specifically see Australia’s Giant Pandas. Wang Wang and Funi were carefully chosen because they are healthy, friendly and easy to handle. They are also considered a fantastic genetic pairing for the global Giant Panda breeding program. Any cubs Wang Wang and Funi have will be valuable additions to the Giant Panda population. Our Giant Pandas>>>

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Trinity’s trip to Tasmania Zoo

Trinity’s trip to Tasmania Zoo Daily Quote:- “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” ~ Albert Einstein   Copyright © RGB Blog  https://richardbejah.com Feel free to copy and share this but include the entire article and reference back to this site thanks.    

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