BREAKING: Insurers must pay up for lockdown losses – Supreme Court


Small businesses are celebrating as insurers are set to pay out on claims potentially worth £1.2bn after a Supreme Court ruling. A broad range of firms argued they faced ruin when they were turned down by insurers after the first national lockdown. Read more here: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube>>>

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Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos: The Race To $1 Trillion


Have you ever wondered whether anybody is on track to be worth over $1 trillion? So far, only companies have reached the threshold, but the world’s first individual trillionaires are said to be alive today. But, such high values come with a lot of uncertainty, owing to the fact that>>>

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COVID-19: Survey shows lack of support for Gavin Williamson


A survey of headteachers by the campaign group ‘Worth Less’ shows that more than 9 in 10 of headteachers are critical of the Department for Education’s decisions. It was confirmed there would be no exams in 2021 and that any January exams for BTEC’s was the call of the college>>>

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This is How Will Smith Spent a Quarter Billion Dollars


Will Smith is an actor, producer, and rapper with a net worth of over a quarter billion dollars – 350 million to be exact. And to be honest, with talent like his, we’re not at all surprised! But what does he do with it all? From a car collection to>>>

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Top 10 Best Movies of 2020


Despite the ups and downs, 2020 is still a year worth celebrating when it comes to film. For this list, we’ll be looking at movies that provided insight, inspiration, and escapism in the crazy year that was 2020, reminding us why film is such an important medium. Our countdown includes>>>

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15 Most EXPENSIVE Chandeliers


Chandeliers worth more than houses. Here are the top 15 most spectacular chandeliers! Let us know in the comments some topics you’d like us to cover next week! Several segments are licensed under creative commons For more video information, please visit our website The Top Fives show brings you>>>

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How Tube Trains Are Lifted Into The London Underground | Huge Moves | Spark


In London we follow the unenviable task of moving £20 million worth of brand new Tube trains 200 miles across the UK’s treacherous roads onto London Underground’s Waterloo & City Line. Once the trains reach the city, he has to thread each of the twenty carriages down a narrow hole.>>>

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15 Most Amazing Treehouses Ever Built


Treehouses worth more than most houses! here are some of the most amazing treehouses ever built! Several segments are licensed under creative commons For more video information, please visit our website The Top Fives show brings you informational and entertaining top five videos! Join us and subscribe for more.>>>

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