Hunter Pence on retiring, the Giants and his Jimmy Butler-esque coffee venture | Now or Never


Retired Major League Baseball All-Star and World Series champion Hunter Pence joins Now or Never to talk about calling it quits, his time with the San Francisco Giants, the 2020 MLB season, his new coffee venture that’s reminiscent of Jimmy Butler’s and more. #MLB #Sports ✔️Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔️>>>

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NEWS OF THE WORLD Trailer (2020)


Official News of the World Movie Trailer 2020 | Subscribe ➤ | Tom Hanks Movie Trailer | Release: 25 Dec 2020 | More Five years after the end of the Civil War, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks), a veteran of three wars, now moves from town to town>>>

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Social Distance | The Making of Netflix’s Newest Anthology Series | Netflix

When the world stopped back in March, a team of creators, writers and actors leaned into ingenuity and creativity to keep storytelling alive. From the team who brought you Orange Is the New Black, see how Netflix’s latest anthology series, Social Distance, symbolizes triumph of the human spirit and a>>>

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Amazon Forrest : Guerrilla War for a Sustainable Future | At the Gates of Hell | TRACKS


The Amazon forest is regarded as the lungs of the world, but this precious territory is being illegally over exploited in Brazil, loosing the equivalent of 5 football fields every minute. The corruption in Brazil causes authorities turn a bling eye on farmers that set fire to the rainforest and>>>

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The Tragic Death & Demise of Helen Reddy


The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated people all around the world. While anyone can suffer complications from the virus, the elderly are far more vulnerable to its effects. As a result, we have lost countless amazing people, including friends, family members, and celebrities. While some people have, unfortunately, died due to>>>

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This is How the Son of Cristiano Ronaldo Lives…


There’s two kinds of rich people in the world. There’s those that built their empire from the ground up and then there’s the other kind. The ones that find themselves eye-wateringly wealthy because of their famous parents or celebrity families. Inheriting isn’t the same as creating and being born into>>>

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Elon Musk Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know About


Elon Musk is one of the most powerful and controversial people in the world. Love him or hate him, his businesses have changed the Earth forever. But he has numerous secretive projects that escape the public eye. Today we’re looking at ten amazing Elon Musk inventions you probably didn’t know>>>

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15 Animals Who Are Evil Geniuses


There are a few evil geniuses in the human world, but who would have thought that some would exist in the animal kingdom? There is so much we still don’t know about our furry friends. From cats, which we always knew were evil, to a bed-stealing bird, here are 15>>>

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This Speech Will Light A 🔥 Inside You! (THE WORLD IS A JUNGLE)


The World is a Jungle You Either Fight and Dominate or Hide and Evaporate – Motivational Speech – Fearless Motivation – Download or Stream the track on ANY GOOD music platform, or here: on AppleMusic: More Fearless Motivation you can listen to every day: AppleMusic/iTunes: GooglePlay:>>>

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The biggest radioactive spill in US history


How the US poisoned Navajo Nation. As World War Two was ending, the growing nuclear arms race put the US in need of uranium. It turned to Navajo Nation, where the uranium mining industry thrived for four decades — but left disease, pollution and the biggest radioactive spill in US>>>

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