Who Is Jesus To You?

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Who Is Jesus To You?

Senior Pastor – Steve Fitzallen – poses the question “Who is Jesus to you?”. It’s a question that can uncover a broad range of answers, depending on who you ask.

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Five Popular Celebs Who Found God

Five Popular Celebs Who Found God

Five Popular Celebs Who Found God

The list we are about to share you with will take you in for a surprise. At first, you might not believe your eyes, but you dig deeper into these five celebrities life, you will understand that behind the revealing clothes, soothing voices, and glamour shots is a celebrity who has found God. The reason you do not have much awareness about their strong connection with God because to the media it is uninteresting and not news worthy to report. To us, it is news! Here is the list of five celebrities who have found God:

1.     Jessie J, a British Pop Singer

Jessie J found God in 2013, and she was ecstatic to announce it to the world. She made her announcement to leave behind her partying ways to live a more simple life. During the interview with a British magazine, she revealed that she prayed a lot for the success of her album Thunder, from which she dedicated her single “Thunder to God” to God. She also said that after she became one with God’s teachings, she felt more confident and alive than ever before. To this day, you will find her Twitter account flooded with religious references.

2.     Robbie Williams,a British Pop Singer and Former Band Member of Take That

When Robbie Williams quit Take That in 1995, he became one of the biggest male vocalist, both in the United Kingdom and the United States. The media labeled him as bad boy due to his many rendezvous with several women, but everything was about to change for Robbie. One day, he suddenly found God and began to record uplifting and spiritual music to express his new awakened feelings. However, his story of how he found God is a little different as he says that God found him than the other way around.

3.     Marcus Mumford, Lead Vocalist of the Band Mumford and Sons

Marcus Mumford grew up in a household that was spiritually enlightened by God’s teachings from the beginning. He does not like to talk about his faith to the media, as he believes the media has a habit of blowing things out of proportions. However, he has made it crystal clear that faith will always play a vital role in his life.

4.     Katy Perry, an American Pop Singer

Katy Perry is the last celebrity you would expect to have found God, as her antics on stage and on the red carpet tell us a whole other story. The pop megastar has indeed found faith, which you would have already known if you were a huge fan of hers. Both her parents are pastors and she began her career recording for a Christian record label. Even though those days are long gone, as her music styling has greatly differed than before, she is still devoted to God, maintaining that she has a strong connection with God.

5.     John Lennon, Former Member of the Beatles

The late John Lennon of the ever popular the Beatles become a born-again devoted Christian in the 1970s. During the time he was one with God, he attended the church in London and penned several Christian songs.

Which celebrity’s connection with God surprised you the most? Let us know!


“It’s better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

A Selection of Quotes About Celebrity


“When anybody honks at me in traffic, I blush, wave, and shout, “Thanks for being a fan.” Being a celebrity is a 24/7 thing.”  ~ Jarod Kintz

 “I’ve always been famous, it’s just no one knew it yet.”  ~ Lady Gaga

 “What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?”

~ Jess C. Scott, I’m Pretty

“It’s better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all.”  ~ Marilyn Monroe

“A celebrity is any well-known TV or movie star who looks like he spends more than two hours working on his hair.”  ~ Steve Martin


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Why Experiences Are Better Than Money


Why Experiences Are Better Than Money

Some people focus on accumulating large amounts of money and spending them on things as opposed to experiences. They believe that material things will bring them happiness. However, this is not entirely true because material things can only provide happiness for a short time. Sooner or later, we are bound to get used to the things that we bought, and when we adapt to these materialistic things, they do not seem important to us anymore. Also, with the every changing technology, materialistic things also keep changing over time and therefore our desires change accordingly.

The Benefit Of Experiences

Experiences are much different from materialistic things because they provide us with treasured memories that we can keep with us for the rest of our lives. For instance, when we travel, we interact with many different people, make new friends, indulge in some adventures, and eat exquisite cuisines that we will never forget about. Materialistic things, on the other hand, get boring after a certain time, and with most materialistic things, you have to keep upgrading them to achieve even close to the same level of expectation and happiness that you received upon your first purchase.

Additionally, experiences help you gain more with a broader perspective on life, and interaction with people of different cultures, and an opportunity for learning new skills. We happen to be social beings that had a basic need to connect with people around us. Experiences allow us to do exactly that, thereby making us far more satisfied with life and much happier.

The Role Of Money In Our Lives

We are all aware that money is a limiting resource in our lives. However, we only need an amount that can take care of our basic necessities. Once our basic necessaries are fulfilled, we can start spending time on gaining valuable experiences that will remain with us forever and teach us great things. People who rely on money to buy materialistic things will never truly attain happiness. And it is a fact that people who invest their time and resources on experiences tend to be far happier than those who invest in materialistic things.

Experiences become heavily ingrained into your existence and become a part of you. On the other hand, while you may associate heavily with certain materialistic things, they will always remain separate from your existence.


“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” ~ Anonymous

A Selection of Experience Quotes

“Who are you?
Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
I have. I am crazy.
But I am free.” ~ Lana Del Rey

“There are no coincidences in life. What person that wandered in and out of your life was there for some purpose, even if they caused you harm. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense the short periods of time we get with people, or the outcomes from their choices. However, if you turn it over to God he promises that you will see the big picture in the hereafter. Nothing is too small to be a mistake.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

“Sometimes the best and worst times of your life can coincide. It is a talent of the soul to discover the joy in pain—-thinking of moments you long for, and knowing you’ll never have them again. The beautiful ghosts of our past haunt us, and yet we still can’t decide if the pain they caused us out weighs the tender moments when they touched our soul. This is the irony of love.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

“There are times when the actual experience of leaving something makes you wish desperately that you could stay, and then there are times when the leaving reminds you a hundred times over why exactly you had to leave in the first place.” ~ Shauna Niequist

“Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.” ~ E.A. Bucchianeri

“The more screwed up you are, the more I like you. As long as you’ve managed to hold onto your identity through all the shit, then it won’t matter how twisted you are. I will love you more for it.” ~ Ashly Lorenzana

“Dear God

Please take away my pain and despair of yesterday and any unpleasant memories and replace them with Your glorious promise of new hope. Show me a fresh HS-inspired way of relating to negative things that have happened. I ask You for the mind of Christ so I can discern Your voice from the voice of my past. I pray that former rejection and deep hurts will not color what I see and hear now.

Help me to see all the choices I have ahead of me that can alter the direction of my life. I ask You to empower me to let go of the painful events and heartaches that would keep me bound. Thank You for Your forgiveness that You have offered to me at such a great price. Pour it into my heart so I can relinquish bitterness hurts and disappointments that have no place in my life. Please set me free to forgive those who have sinned against me and caused me pain and also myself. Open my heart to receive Your complete forgiveness and amazing grace. You have promised to bind up my wounds Psa 147:3 and restore my soul Psa 23:3 .

Help me to relinquish my past surrender to You my present and move to the future You have prepared for me. I ask You to come into my heart and make me who You would have me to be so that I might do Your will here on earth. I thank You Lord for all that’s happened in my past and for all I have become through those experiences. I pray You will begin to gloriously renew my present.” ~ Sue Augustine

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” ~ Anonymous

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