Bigamists And Exhibitionists: Sweden’s Erotic Art | Sin Cities | TRACKS


Ashley Hames travels to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, where he meets a man with three wives and a woman who makes erotic art. Subscribe to see more full documentaries every week: TRACKS publishes unique, unexpected and untold stories from across the world every week. From "Sin Cities" Facebook:>>>

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11 Bear Feats You Have To See To Believe 🐻 Smithsonian Channel


These 11 bear videos will (safely) transport you to the wilderness, where you can watch them eat salmon, duke it out for dominance, and so much more. 0:00 – Intro to 11 Bear Feats 0:24 – Older Brown Bear Exerts Dominance over Younger Rival 3:43 – Bear Mom Stands Up>>>

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God Level Workers With Gifted Hands…


We live in incredible times! Technology has advanced to a level where it almost seems like science fiction, and all sorts of robots and machines are being invented to make worker’s lives easier. The unexpected side effect of this however, is that the people who make things with their hands>>>

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Nitti Gritti – Where I Belong (ft. RUNN) [Lyric Video]


Nitti Gritti – Where I Belong (ft. RUNN) [Lyric Video] Join the Notification Squad! Click the 🔔Bell. ✘ Prox Spotify Playlist!: ✘ Proximity Instagram: ✘✘ Discord! :) – – Proximity Merch: FIRST NITTI GRITTI RECORD ON PROX! Sorry just a little excited! I’ve always loved Nitti>>>

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Times the Impossible Became Possible…


We’ve all had moments where we’ve thought we did the unthinkable. Most of us sadly don’t have a camera on us at all times to capture these things happening. But few people are lucky enough to be caught on video when they somehow make the impossible seem possible. Ready to>>>

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Trump warns Biden: Be careful what you wish for


Donald Trump returned to the place where symbolically it all began – his wall with Mexico – to deliver what is likely to be the final public speech of his presidency. He raged against free speech, impeachment and the 25th amendment. And ominously, he warned the move to oust him>>>

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Why Mackenzie Phillips Was Fired From One Day at a Time – Twice


Mackenzie Phillips’ story is one that’s common in the world of stars – one where alcohol, drugs, and sex cost a person everything. At the same time, her story is a little different too. A huge success by the age of 12, Phillips had all the right pieces aligned to>>>

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Top 20 Monster Hunter Monsters


Check out the Best Games Where You Play as a Monster on MojoPlays! Big thanks to Milla Jovovich and Paul W. S. Anderson for sitting down with us and discussing THEIR favorite Monster Hunter monsters! For this list we’ll be delving into the wide bestiary that Capcom has developed>>>

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Best Space Moments of 2020!!!


Welcome to the 2020 Astro Awards!!! A time where we reflect on all the exciting things that happened throughout the year in spaceflight and space discoveries. Each year, we pick our favorite space moments and award the winner the much coveted Astro Award! Who will take home the top prize?>>>

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