The 4 Best War Movies Out There

The 4 Best War Movies Out There There is nothing great about wars, but if there’s anything good they left behind, it is the stories of the heroes, the legends and the never changing victories that will forever remain etched in our history. War doesn’t stop time nor does it leave others to find a safe corner. It is not just the soldiers and leaders that had a story to tell but each person goes through their own story, have their own accounts to share and they are not dull in the least. So for those who like action and heroes, who want to know about the blasts, gunfire, attacks and the hidden political agendas that happened in real life, here’s a list of the four best war time movies ever made:   1.     All Quiet on the western front: Released in 1930, this movie is old yet timeless. All>>>

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5 Ways to Curb Your Shopaholic Tendencies

5 Ways to Curb Your Shopaholic Tendencies Everyone loves to shop. In fact, it serves as a great stress reliever in today’s world. But, being a compulsive shopper is altogether another thing. A shopaholic is addicted to shopping. They are either shopping during a particular time, or thinking about buying new stuff when they are far from the shops. Most shopaholics also buy stuff they don’t really need or require, which can be usually very hard on the pockets. What’s more, reliance on material objects for the attainment of happiness is not a good way to forward in life. Hence, here are some good ways to curb the shopaholic traits inside you: 1)   Cut up your credit cards Anyone addicted to compulsive shopping, should get rid of their credit cards immediately. The credit selling business is highly tempting and is designed to increase the number of purchases that people make.>>>

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Tips to Walk Away from a Fight

Tips to Walk Away from a Fight The world today is much different from the world of yesterday. It is plagued with violence with people bullying others mercilessly, killing them if they provoke them. However, the location for violent outbursts is not just the school or the house, as it can happen almost anywhere. The key for individuals suffering the taunts of a person prone to violence is to remain his/her calm. They need to keep the individual from lashing out at them violently is by doing the following things to walk away from it: Trick #1:  Do Not Care If someone approaches you to start up a fight, let him/her shout at you. They want to aggravate you so you will raise your hand or your voice, giving them a chance to strike you violently. If a person with a destructive personality comes up to you, you need to>>>

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Real Life Stories about Heroic Disabled Pets

Real Life Stories about Heroic Disabled Pets You have probably seen or heard a story of an owner leaving their pet at an animal shelter because they could no longer care for it because it was disabled. Don’t you think they deserve a happy life as well? Don’t you think they deserve to be surrounded by a family that loves them unconditionally? They do, but they are not as lucky as perfectly healthy pets. When their disability becomes too much for an owner to bear, they send them off to a shelter. Most even get put down because the shelter needs to make space for the other animals. They are not adopted, they do not get a loving home—they get death. To encourage you not to buy from pet shops, but to adopt disabled pets instead, here are real life stories of disabled pets: 1.     Blind Cats and Dogs You>>>

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What Life Lessons Can You Learn from Harry Potter?

What Life Lessons Can You Learn from Harry Potter? When you step into the world of Harry Potter, your imagination takes over and you find yourself as a student in Hogwarts, the magical we all wanted to go to when we were young. In fact, like most diehard Harry Potter fans, you probably waiting anxiously for the letter from Hogwarts, only disappointing yourself when it didn’t. All we know is the people who grew up reading Harry Potter took away with them priceless entwined in the plot. Some of the lessons that Harry and his friends taught us were: 1.     Don’t Live in the Past, Live in the Present Don’t live in the past, live in the present, as the past is unchangeable, but the future is yet to be made. Harry Potter, the boy wonder, could have lived the rest of his life under the cupboard of the his>>>

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