Ted Cruz’ Untimely Vacation is Causing an Uproar


It was a tough week for Texans, yet Senator Ted Cruz decided he didn’t want to hunker down in the Lone Star state! Texas fell under a severe snowstorm, causing residents to be stuck in their homes without access to electricity, plumbing, and even food. Sadly, over 30 people died>>>

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Top 10 Times Musicians Almost Died On Stage


Want more music? Check out SoundMojo to discover tomorrow’s artists Today! https://www.youtube.com/soundmojo Nobody said being a rockstar was easy! For this list, we’ll be looking at near-death experiences or accidents that reportedly occurred to musicians while performing on stage and/or while they were on tour. Our countdown includes Ariana Grande,>>>

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NEW Porsche Taycan RWD Review: Why This Is The One To Buy | Carfection 4K


Henry Catchpole tells us why the entry-level Taycan with rear-wheel drive is the one to buy if you want an EV that’s enjoyable to drive. Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:22 Thoughts on the Taycan Turbo S 01:15 What’s different with this Taycan? 02:16 What’s it like to drive? 07:10 Charging 08:55>>>

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Top 20 Toughest Characters of All Time


Check out our featured song: "New Era" by Smoking Mirrors! https://youtu.be/_ZRu_FBZx0c You definitely want these iconic characters on your side in a fight. For this list, we’ll be looking at characters from all media who have displayed exceptional resilience, durability or determination. Our countdown includes Hellboy, Deadpool, Batman, Superman, Wolverine,>>>

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15 Illegal Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit


If someone tells you that you are not allowed to go somewhere, it probably just makes you want to go somewhere even more. There is a reason why these places are off-limits, so be careful if you choose to ignore the warnings. From the Gates of Hell to Snake Island,>>>

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Ultimate French Toast | Jamie Oliver


French toast the Jamie Oliver way. Make it for some one you love, or someone you want to love you. Thanks for subscribing! : https://www.youtube.com/user/jamieoliver?sub_confirmation=1 Links from the video: Super Fast Chocolate Pots | Jamie Oliver 😍😍😍 Eggy French Toast Crumpets | Jamie Oliver For more information on any Jamie>>>

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15 Animals That Could Defeat a Crocodile


Let’s be honest, out of all animals; the crocodile is near the top of the list of those we don’t want to get into a fight with. From their size to their teeth, most humans know they aren’t going to be able to beat them. But there are animals out>>>

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