Viper Queens 👑 Bad Attitudes & Long Fangs 🐍 FULL EPISODE | Smithsonian Channel


From the deserts of the American Southwest to the jungles and villages of Africa, vipers are notorious for their bad attitudes, diamond-shaped heads, and the longest snake fangs on Earth. But these snakes are not simply cold-blooded killers. The females have a softer side when it comes to family. Travel>>>

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Retirement villages renting out homes instead of selling them | 7NEWS


Subscribe to 7NEWS for the latest video » It’s the rental revolution, retirement villages renting out homes instead of selling them and retirees moving in together to share the bills. It’s all about affordability as the cost of living continues to rise. Connect with 7NEWS online Visit »>>>

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Johannesburg: Between Luxury and Tradition | Brent Owens: Extreme, Authentic & Unwrapped | TRACKS


Brent visits the Sangoma and Shangaan villages in Johannesburg, and he is intrigued to find luxury 5 star resorts right next to villages without much resources. In contrast and upon meeting the cheerful tight night communities of the villages, he wonders who truly has the best quality of life. MasterChef>>>

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How climate change is contributing to child slavery in Senegal


Young boys from villages ravaged by climate change are being forced into slavery in St Louis, Senegal. Their parents have sent them to religious schools to learn the Koran, where many are falling victim to abusive teachers forcing them to beg and steal for money. The ‘talibe’ – or child>>>

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