There Is No ‘I’ in a Team

There Is No ‘I’ in a Team We spend 90% of our lives at work. Specifically, people who work in the corporate sector, spend more time at their offices than at home. The success of a corporation is based on a very famous concept ‘there’s no ‘I’ in a team!” It is true, both literally and figuratively. The spelling of the word, ‘team’ does not accommodate the letter, ‘I’. Likewise, the values of a team promote that an individual should not put too much emphasis on themselves while they are working in a particular team especially at work. However, does this expression only apply to our work? Is this the extent of this beautiful saying? The answer is no! Let’s find out how through a real-life experience! Charles Plumb was a US fighter-jet pilot in Vietnam. Before he was shot down, he had participated in 75 combat missions. When he>>>

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