Try, Try and Try, Until You Succeed

Try, Try and Try, Until You Succeed This is a story about faith, determination and devotion. Once upon a time, there lived a king who was famous for his bravery and valor. Once he had to fight against a huge army with just a few men. The odds were not in his favor and the king lost the battle. He ran for his life and took shelter in a nearby cave. Soon he started to feel the despair of losing. He lost confidence in himself and decided to never take part in a battle again. He went as far as to think about giving up his kingdom and live in hiding for the rest of his life. The king was deeply engrossed in his depressing thoughts when an interesting scene caught his attention. He noticed a spider that was tirelessly trying to spin a web across the ceiling of the>>>

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What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Inspiration?

What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Inspiration? Hollywood inspires us through its movies, storylines, and actors. Even though there are some actors who’s struggle may inspire us, it’s better to stick to movies, for obvious reasons. Hollywood, as of late, has been bombarded by reality culture, involving obscene poses, crude language, and super conscious body image. We are looking at you Kim Kardashian and the clan. If you want to look for inspiration, let’s just say it’s safer to go with movies, which use themes of love, acceptance, strength, and perseverance through difficult times. Some inspirational movies that you ought to see and that come highly recommended by us include: 1.      The Pursuit of Happyness, The True Story of Chris Gardner Chris Gardner is the story’s main protagonist whose struggle the actor, Will Smith depicted quite well through his impressive acting abilities. The story depicts a family man who invests>>>

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