Twitter encourages Meghan Markle to get advice from the nanny on how to use a baby carrier


Social media users have urged Meghan Markle to get advice from the nanny on how to use a baby carrier after pictures showed her awkwardly handling Archie while hiking with her two dogs. The Duchess of Sussex looked in good spirits as she walked through the woods just a couple>>>

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Trump’s support for Iranian protestors breaks a Twitter record, something the MSM ‘will not report’

  President Donald Trump expressed his solidarity with Iranian protestors calling for the resignation of Ayatollah Khamenei on Saturday. As he often does, the president took to Twitter to circumvent the media and speak directly to the people. Only this time, he did so in Farsi, the official language in>>>

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An Inspiring Twitter Thread:- 40 Middle-Aged People Share How They Got Their Break Later In Life


Have you ever wondered what the vast majority of success stories floating around on the net have in common? I’ll give you a moment. Ready? That’s right! They almost always involve somebody young overcoming the odds and achieving great things. In other words, success stories are usually about the talented,>>>

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A woman requested inspiring middle-age success stories, and Twitter delivered—big time


Media outlets love to compile lists of impressive people under a certain age. They laud the accomplishments of fresh-faced entrepreneurs, innovators, influencers, etc., making the rest of us ooh and ahh wonder how they got so far so young. While it’s great to give credit where it’s due, such early-life>>>

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#LHHNY: Twitter Is Pissed At Yandy For Her Comment About Chrissy Not Having Any Kids Of Her Own, But Was It ReallyThat Bad?


Source: VH1 / Viacom A big conversation from last night’s Love and Hip Hop New York that I noticed on Twitter centered around a comment Yandy Smith-Harris made about Chrissy Lampkin not having any children “of her own.” While I get why people are upset, especially as someone who’s written about how>>>

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STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Fans Have Started #ThankYouRianJohnson on Twitter and It’s Trending


Fans of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi have taken Twitter by storm with the hashtag #ThankYouRianJohnson. The fans are thanking him for the awesomeness he delivered in The Last Jedi and also many of his other film projects. This is actually a really cool little movement to show>>>

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Twitter reacts to Marshawn Lynch rejoining the Seahawks –


Beast Mode is reuniting with his old team. On Monday, Marshawn Lynch signed a one-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks. The homecoming will last for at least two games, as the Hawks head into Week 17 for the NFC West showdown against the San Francisco 49ers with top-seed implications on the line and>>>

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