More Than One Truth

More Than One Truth An elderly man was sitting in his garden when his two grandsons came to sit with him. Their faces showed that they were both obviously angry about something. The old man could not help but ask, “What is the matter, children? Have you two been fighting over something?” His grandson explained, “Grandpa, we were playing outside on the street when I saw a large six that someone had drawn on the ground with chalk. I told my brother but he does not believe me! He keeps saying it’s a nine!” The other grandson cut his brother off and said, “Grandpa, my brother probably does not know how to count because it is CLEARLY a nine! He misread the number and then when I tried to correct him, he called me a liar! ” “YOU are the one who cannot read because it’s really a six!” cried>>>

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5 Reasons Why Actions Speak Louder than Words

5 Reasons Why Actions Speak Louder than Words “Jesus Christ said ‘by their fruits ye shall know them,’ not by their disclaimers.” ~William S. Burroughs And this pretty much says it all. You can say all that you want but until and unless you are willing to take the dive and prove the worth of your words, nobody is going to believe that you are capable of any particular task. The question that might come to your mind right now is this, why is it that your word is not enough? Here are seven reasons why actions speak louder than words. Faith in What is Seen rather than Heard What are actions? A deed that is done. In other words, something that you say you will do and then go on and do it. What happens is simple. When you commit to a deed and fulfill it, people are literally>>>

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Why Experiences Are Better Than Money

Why Experiences Are Better Than Money Some people focus on accumulating large amounts of money and spending them on things as opposed to experiences. They believe that material things will bring them happiness. However, this is not entirely true because material things can only provide happiness for a short time. Sooner or later, we are bound to get used to the things that we bought, and when we adapt to these materialistic things, they do not seem important to us anymore. Also, with the every changing technology, materialistic things also keep changing over time and therefore our desires change accordingly. The Benefit Of Experiences Experiences are much different from materialistic things because they provide us with treasured memories that we can keep with us for the rest of our lives. For instance, when we travel, we interact with many different people, make new friends, indulge in some adventures, and eat>>>

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