6 Tips To Answer MCQS

6 TIPS TO ANSWER MCQS Multiple choice questions are a form of test given to students to pick the most appropriate answer from several other statements. That sounds cheap but trickery. Especially when the negative marks are awarded. Check the following scenario, if given an exam covering 100 marks having 100 questions. You decide to answer 70 questions which you get 56 and you get 14 wrong, they have to be deducted from the 56. That leaves you with 42, a fail. It is even worse if you attempt the 30 you were not sure of. With luck on your side, you get 15 right because you get 15 wrong, overall remains 0. That means you were better off not trying! Below are some tips to help you dodge MCQs and excel with flying colors. familiarize yourself with the format of the exams Get to know how your exam will>>>

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Motoring News

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