Technology Leading the Front Line against Terrorism

Technology Leading the Front Line against Terrorism Yes, technology really has advanced to this point that it is now aiding in the fight against terrorism. Be it in the form of software applications or actual fighting devices, technology is becoming the front line that is helping people around the world sleep peacefully in their beds without the fear of evil groups overtaking their states completely. So here is a list of what and how the technology today is helping fight the terror that seems to spread like wildfire. 3D Facial Recognition Software This may not seem like something g new, but it has advanced to the point where you will find it more like fiction and sci-fi than reality. From 2D technology has emerged the 3D facial recognition device, which is able to read the distinct features of any face and make instant connections to all the information that has>>>

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How Technology Is Changing the Way We Treat Love

How Technology Is Changing the Way We Treat Love Technology’s intrusion in our love lives has influenced us both positively and negatively. It’s true that technology has imprisoned people’s love lives. Through technology, people make up, break up, and meet (not necessarily in that order). It has become the centre of your love life, changing the way sparks used to fly. So, how does romance and dating work through technology anyway? Let’s find out how technology has put cupid out of business: ü  We Can Now Find Love Anywhere in the World Meeting someone in person has become so old school these days, especially because of the infinite number of dating sites that enable people to meet online. Now, Romeo and Juliet settle on sitting in front of their computer screens, building their “I am your perfect match,” profile. When someone swipes right on your profile, the heart flutters, signaling>>>

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