100 Successful Flights


On Saturday, October 24, 2020, SpaceX completed its 100th successful flight since Falcon 1 first flew to orbit in 2008. Over the course of these flights, SpaceX landed Falcon’s first stage booster 63 times and re-flew boosters 45 times. Original Author: Produced by SpaceX and published on 25/10/2020

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Inside Tesla’s $5 billion Gigafactory


Tesla is by far one of the most successful companies in modern history. They popularized fully electric cars and created a massive demand among the public. With a market cap of around 380 billion dollars, Tesla is growing by the day. But to keep up with orders Tesla built a>>>

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Targeting the Next U.S. Launch of Astronauts on This Week @NASA – August 21, 2020


Targeting the next U.S. launch of astronauts, another successful space station resupply mission, and honoring pilots for National Aviation Day … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! Download Link: https://images.nasa.gov/details-Targeting%20the%20Next%20U.S.%20Launch%20of%20Astronauts%20on%20This%20Week%20@NASA%20August%2021,%202020 Original Author: Produced by NASA and published on 22/08/2020

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Cardi B reveals what her new song WAP is really about! Brace yourself! | The Project


Rapper Cardi B is one of the most successful artists the world has seen in a long time and she is all about having fun… As Carrie finds out! Cardi B’s new song ‘WAP’ is out now. Subscribe: https://bit.ly/3dJwlpd Welcome to the YouTube home of The Project, we think you’re>>>

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Katy Perry – Smile | Carrie chats to Katy ahead of her new album | The Project


@Katy Perryis one of the most successful pop artists in history, and with the release of her new album due in August, Carrie got to catch up with Katy to chat about the title track ‘Smile’. Subscribe: https://bit.ly/3dJwlpd Welcome to the YouTube home of The Project, we think you’re going>>>

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NEW 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan – Full Presentation – The Best Medium SUV?


The VW Tiguan is Europe’s most successful SUV and one of the top-selling SUVs in the world.  Volkswagen is electrifying the 2021 Tiguan with a new, state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid drive. The SUV will now also be available as a separate Tiguan R model for the very first time. Volkswagen R’s>>>

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When You Feel Worthless WATCH THIS | Boost Your Success with Suzy Batiz | Goalcast


✪ An excellent speech on how to take all the S*** out of your life and build a successful existence with it. Suzy Batiz, founder and CEO of Poo~Pourri is a truly rich woman in every sense of the word. This is what happens when you finally face your S***!>>>

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Dentist Crowns Career With Love For Lifelong Talent


Dr. Stephen Lipman, head of a successful dental practice, has an alter ego. Steve Lipman, The Singin’ Dentist, is the moniker of the accomplished jazz singer into whose shoes Dr. Lipman steps when he goes onstage to perform. While his two "sides" showcase very different skill sets, Dr. Lipman doesn’t>>>

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