Sia Has Taken Off Her Trademark Wig And Taken Up A New Challenge | The Project


Achieving global stardom is far from easy and it’s even harder to do it while remaining almost completely anonymous. Now, after years at the top of the charts, @Sia has taken off her trademark wig and taken up a new challenge. Lisa caught up with her for a rare interview>>>

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Remembering Darth Vader Actor David Prowse (the Man Behind the Mask)


David Prowse rose to eternal film stardom while facing the challenge of chronic arthritis from an early age and finding his true passion in bodybuilding and weightlifting that help him become recognized as one of acting’s most prominent large men in the business. This helped him secure roles in legendary>>>

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What It Takes To Be The Best At Rock Climbing w/ 2x IFSC World Champion Shauna Coxsey


Discover how pro climber Shauna Coxsey’s journey to climbing stardom first begun – and what it’s taken her to progress to the very top of the sport. Watch as she reveals the rigour involved in: training across three climbing disciplines; how she has progressed as an athlete; and the mindset>>>

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