Phones started off the size of bricks, then slowly got smaller. Then they could flip and slide. Getting the best phone in 2020 is a costly purchase no matter if it comes from Samsung, Apple, or Google and we’ve seen a majority of new phones over the years. But they>>>

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Snarling Rescue Chihuahua Becomes A Daddy’s Boy | Ruff Life With Lee Asher


Snarling little Chihuahua slowly becomes a mush with his foster dad ❤️ Sponsored by Canidae pet food. We want to share your pet’s story! Be featured in an episode of The Dodo’s Ruff Life with Lee Asher and win a year’s supply of Canidae pet food! Enter at https://www.thedodo.com/canidae #MonthOfGoodness>>>

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Giraffe’s Awkward First Date | The Zoo


A male giraffe arrives at the zoo and has to be eased into the new environment and slowly introduces to the female giraffes in order to breed. Stream Full Episodes of The Zoo: https://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/the-zoo/ Subscribe to Animal Planet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkEBDbzLyH-LbB2FgMoSMaQ?sub_confirmation=1 Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalPlanet Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: Tweets>>>

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Airport Security Tips (15 Travel Hacks and Secrets)


Traveling by plane can be a hassle. Aiport security, baggage, and boarding are all slowly painful processes. So, in this video, we give you travel advice and most importantly airport advice and airport tips. You’ll learn how to travel cheap, travel essentials, travel tips for international flights, and more! We>>>

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Breaking Bad Secrets Even Fans Don’t Know


Over five years, Vince Gilligan slowly unraveled the pieces of a world unknown to the audience, and characters that seemed incomprehensible, yet also relatable and familiar. Vince won half the battle right at the very beginning when he created Walter White, a Caltech graduate who founded a company, left it>>>

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Rolling Back Restrictions | COVID-19 Stay Informed | The Project


There’s a new roadmap to lead us out of lockdown and slowly back to normality. So after weeks of isolation hardship, here’s what is set to change. #TheProjectTV __________ Welcome to the YouTube home of The Project, we think you’re going to like it here. Check us out on Facebook:>>>

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NASA slowly drains pipes the oceans in an amazing animation, revealing surprise undersea mountain varieties and ancient land bridges


  Oceans cover most of the Earth, including its longest mountain variety and the ancient bridges that humans crossed to reach other continents. In a current remake of a 2008 NASA video, planetary scientist James O’Donoghue reveals what it would appear like if all that water drained away, revealing the>>>

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