How Gene Editing Will Change The World


A revolution is taking place in science, one that could potentially cure all disease, nourish the starving millions, and ultimately transform humanity into a race of hyper-intelligent super-beings. Brand new techniques enabling scientists and clinicians to manipulate and change the very genetic code of life itself are coming on-stream fast>>>

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The First Climate Refugees | Climate Chaos In The South (Full Documentary) | TRACKS


Climate Chaos in the South is a not about the science or reasons behind climate change but about the devastating impact that it is already having on many who live in the southern hemisphere. Featuring interviews with the victims as well as the experts in Africa, Asia and South America,>>>

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NASA Science Live: You Too Can Do NASA Science


No matter who you are or where you are, YOU can participate in the science done at NASA and make new discoveries alongside NASA scientists. Watch #NASAScience Live Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 3:00 p.m. EST to hear from people around the globe about how they’re doing NASA science and learn>>>

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Top 10 Controversial Real Life Science Experiments


Say hello to the dark side of science. For this list, we’ll be looking at experiments that generated debate as a result of their methodologies, results, or the risks involved to participants. In other words, they must have provoked actual argument, rather than just universal condemnation. Our countdown includes Large>>>

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The Spy Planes Of Operation Desert Storm | Reconnaissance And Intelligence Aircraft | Spark


Today’s aerial spies have science fiction capabilities. Reconnaissance and Intelligence Aircraft uses unreleased film to take you on deployment with the pick of today’s aircraft and equipment. Featured are battlefield reconnaissance jet fighters and attack-aircraft and Airborne Early Warning and Control (AWACS) machines. Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science,>>>

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Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX Breakdown – Ad Astra


Ad astra is a science fiction adventure film that not only boasts big name movie stars but also big name VFX houses. MPC, Method Studios, Mr X, Weta Digital, Industrial Light and Magic to mention just a few, all collaborated together to make this journey through space seem more science,>>>

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Bill Nye Had to Get a Restraining Order on His Ex-Wife


Discover the shocking life of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Most just know him as the happy-go-lucky goofball pseudo-scientist from that TV show you used to watch as a kid. Bill Nye has actually led quite the off-beat and peculiar life. He also happens to have an ex-wife that is>>>

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America is Falling Behind In Science, 13 Science Facts They Didn’t Teach You in School


Was science your favorite subject in school? Many students are enthralled with all the possibilities of the three different branches of science; biology, chemistry, and physics. Many teachers do their best to make science interesting to students, but the truth is that America’s school system simply isn’t as good as>>>

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