Kentucky to reward Planned Parenthood with operating license after years of law-breaking


February 7, 2020 (Live Action News)– The state of Kentucky is slated to have a, after Democratic Governor Andy Beshear’s administration authorized a Louisville Planned Parenthood’s provisionary license on January 24th. This permits the facility to offer abortions briefly until an unannounced evaluation occurs to ensure that state safety laws>>>

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11 Creative Ways to Write About Jesus


11 Creative Ways to Write About Jesus The name Jesus is more than what we know it to mean. Apart from vested on that name, it comes with different meanings, benefits, power and potentials for those who believe. The name is associated with peace, joy, happiness, love, kindness, abundance, wisdom,>>>

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Why Being Thankful Is Actually Important


Why Being Thankful Is Actually Important Showing gratitude and being thankful are keys to ensuring a healthier and a happier life. In fact, grateful people show more likeliness towards: Avoiding problematic and harmful physical symptoms Coping with daily challenges and stress in a better manner Eating a healthy diet Engaging>>>

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9 Amazing Facts About Your Body That You Did Not Know


9 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT YOUR BODY THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW The human body is a prodigious, clammy, fluid-filled machine, always mixing chemicals with high level of accuracy and coordination, producing everything from memories to mucus. Here, we can have a look of how multifaceted, beautiful or just plain mysteries>>>

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