Jason Reynolds: Honesty, Joy, and Anti-Racism | BookTube


In this special episode of BookTube, our community of close readers asks award-winning author Jason Reynolds about his new book, Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism, and You. Original Author: Produced by YouTube Originals and published on 16/10/2020

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Drones are better than tissue samples for measuring humpback whale body conditions

Many of our readers and friends are scientists and experts in their fields. Would that stop mansplainers from talking down to them? We asked if they had any stories of being mansplained to, and they did not disappoint. Here are a few of our favorites. If you have stories you’d>>>

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“Let the Hate Flow Through You”: Cooking Tasks That Fill Us With Dread


It should come as no surprise to any of our readers that everyone on the Serious Eats staff loves to cook. Many of us are even die-hard defenders of the proposition that anything homemade is preferable to store-bought, from English muffins and cake (bye, Betty Crocker!) to even condiments like>>>

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In My Bathroom: Jacey Duprie


Since 2011, Jacey Duprie has engaged and entertained millions of readers through her digital destination, Damsel in Dior. Covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel, the site offers a glimpse into her life and plenty of easygoing-yet-polished outfit inspiration. Here, while staying home with her family in Los Angeles, she gives>>>

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How the CEO of a marketing firm turned a single motivational e-mail into a newsletter reaching 180,000 international readers that’s landed him speaking gigs and book offers

For Velocity Partners founder Robert Glazer, a weekly inspirational e-mail to employees now reaches an audience of over 180,000 readers in 60 nations. In January 2016, Robert Glazer composed an email to the 30 staff members of his affiliate-marketing agency, Velocity Partners, about how to set objectives for the brand-new>>>

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6 Books about Thoughts You Should Read

What's He Reading

6 Books about Thoughts You Should Read Try to block out your thoughts to make yourself stop thinking. Were you able to do it? Most of you won’t be able to keep their mind silent, as you probably found yourself thinking during the exercise, saying to yourself to “stop thinking,”>>>

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