Kanye West: Was his presidential rally a cry for help?


After giving an explosive emotional rant at his first presidential rally, many have wondered if Kanye West is okay. GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS AND LIFESTYLE VIDEOS: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/kanye-west-cries-during-antiabortion-rant-at-rally-for-his-presidential-campaign/news-story/aff61386588dcb208cebf5025692dca1 Original Author: Produced by news.com.au and published on 21/07/2020

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‘Who saw that coming?!’ – Mel Kiper’s passionate Bengals rant shocks Mike Greenberg | Get Up


Mel Kiper Jr. delivers a passionate rant in defense of the Cincinnati Bengals to Mike Greenberg and Laura Rutledge on Get Up, providing Greeny with one of his favorite moments to happen on the show. #GetUp #NFL Original Author: Produced by ESPN and published on 16/04/2020

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A Productive Rant about Friendship

Two young couples with redwine glasses at celebration or party

A Productive Rant about Friendship Friendships are eternal, made up of bittersweet memories. Friends come and go, but a select few stick around. From the bunch of friends that you have, those select few hold a special place in your heart. They become your other half and in some instances,>>>

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