15 Most Badass Snakes in the World


We’ll be the first to admit that snakes can be pretty terrifying. The ones that aren’t trying to kill you are just so… slithery. But we’re also not shy about saying that some are just downright badass. Whether you like snakes or not, you’re bound to be impressed! From the>>>

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101 Facts About Portal

Well 2021 so far is pretty horrible isn’t it – but remember, it could always be worse. You COULD be stuck in Aperture test chambers with a homicidal AI called GLaDOS, like Chell is in the hit Portal series. From Wheatley’s hijinks to the complex ARG that announced its sequel,>>>

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Tiny Pretty Things | Extended Dance Scenes | Netflix


In these extended scenes, the cast of Tiny Pretty Things showcase their varied dancing skills, from hip-hop to ballet. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7 About Netflix: Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with over 195 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a>>>

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15 Amazing Workers with Gifted Hands


The world is filled with some pretty incredible people, especially when you see them at work. When you do the same job day in, day out, needless to say, you’re probably going to get quite good at it. But some people are just next level talented. From skilled construction workers>>>

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How Phone Screens Actually Work


Touchscreens have become so commonplace we barely notice them anymore. Yet pretty much every single mobile phone, in the pocket of every single person around you, has one. And it’s worth remembering that not so long ago touchscreen technology was beyond even the wildest dreams of science fiction. So today>>>

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15 Amazing Inventions For Lazy People


If we were being honest, our generation is pretty lazy. We don’t have to do our washing by hand, and even our vacuum cleaners now take care of themselves. But some of the latest inventions take laziness to a whole new level. From a bed that makes itself to a>>>

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15 Most Badass Animals in the World


The animal kingdom is pretty amazing. Not only is there a massive variety of animals, but their size bears no relevance to how strong or powerful they are. You could have an ant go up against a lion, and the ant could win! What a crazy world we live in.>>>

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15 God Level Drivers Who Do Unreal Things


Remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? Pretty scary, wasn’t it? You were worried about crashing, stalling, or just being bad at it. But with practice, you could become as good as these drivers. From a pro truck driver to a world-record-breaking truck jump, here>>>

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It Was Illegal to Be Ugly 100 Years Ago


Yes, the world we live in today is pretty bizarre. Between today’s hyper-theatrical and divisive politics, the absurdities found on social media and the fact that just a couple of years ago ingesting Tide Pods was in vogue, it’s a wonder what future generations will think about this time period.>>>

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Tiny Pretty Things | Official Trailer | Netflix


The project is in the vein of BLACK SWAN meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. When tragedy strikes at Chicago’s most prestigious ballet school, where every dancer is both friend and foe who compete fiercely for coveted roles, it threatens to unravel close friendships and to expose a constellation of secrets that>>>

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