27 Facts that will Leave You Stunned

Pop art woman pointing up on question bubble "Did You Know that"

   27 Facts that will Leave You Stunned The world of facts and figures is truly an inspirational one. The world that we live in is much more than what meets the eye. This blog outlines some of the facts that on the outset appear to be false, but are>>>

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Sam’s Inspiring Story

girl plays superhero

  Sam’s Inspiring Story     The long-term success of these initiatives is assisted through the development of strong partnerships with businesses, organizations and associations/clubs both to fund-raise and to provide targeted support and volunteering when necessary. It’s exciting work,but ultimately the real joy and fulfillment for Kate and me>>>

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10 Secrets About Money You Can Learn From TV

Man Using Remote Control In Front Of Television

  10 Secrets About Money You Can Learn From TV Money is one of those indispensable things that human beings cannot do without as we spend it on daily needs and basic necessities of life. She is one thing that everyone strives to have in order to keep life going.>>>

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My Trip to Burundi AFRICA

Bujumbura pinned on a map of Africa

  My Trip to Burundi AFRICA   adults had a full medical check and all the data was recorded into their own personal record folders. To date, this had not been done so this was a ground breaking trip. To Dr Scott and Nurse Pam the children of Homes of>>>

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Chicken a la Carte It’s Time to Make a Difference!

Happy volunteers sitting near full donation boxes.

  Chicken a la Carte It’s Time to Make a Difference! Now this video JUST STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS… Watch it ALL the way through.. and you will understand. It may be confronting to some and if like me will bring a tear to the eye.   Chicken a la>>>

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Villages of Life


  Villages Of LIFE The Vision Through donations corporation, schools, churches and families the vision is to build villages consisting of 15 houses which will house 15 widows and approx 90 orphans. Each house will have 6 orphans and a house mum/parent which will give a great sense of family where>>>

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