The Nicolas Cage Film Where He Plays Nicolas Cage Now Has A Release Date


Buena Vista/Hemdale Film Corporation The Nicolas Cage satire in which Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage     has a main release date. Cage is a Nationwide Treasure– ever since gracing the world with Face/Off’s hallelujah scene, his madcap lunacy has actually been a firm favourite of movie-goers all over.  >>>

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Teenager gets whole harmonica stuck in mouth and plays music when she breathes


  Clumsy characters swallowing musical instruments and playing notes as they wheezed was as soon as something only seen in cartoons – however no more. High school student Mollie O’Brien was trying the selfless act of entertaining her cousin by shoving an entire harmonica inside her mouth. And she succeeded.>>>

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Mother Of Marine Claims Son Told Her Fox News Plays On Every TV On Base, Not Allowed To Change The Channel


After multiple reports emerged recently showing Donald Trump’s popularity among members of the military falling precipitously, it was only a matter of time before we found out that someone would take drastic measures to try and remedy that situation. Usually something like that comes in the form of a directive>>>

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