ONA 2019 Sports Digital Photography (over 25,000 circulation): Champion and Runners-up


Victor: Mike Hensen, London Free Press The London Lightning’s Marcus Capers is fouled by Windsor’s Ty Walker, however makes the hoop throughout their last game of the period at Budweiser Gardens in London, on March 31, 2019. The London Lightning shooter, solo and surrounded by his challengers, bracing himself before>>>

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The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Wildlife Photography – The Earthist Chronicles


The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Wildlife Photography “Ugh, Another fu*cking Instagrammer. Can I get on with my life now?” This is a very thoughtful analysis of both the good that responsible wildlife photographers can do, and the negative impacts on wildlife that irresponsible photographers can have: When the details of>>>

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Analogue Portrait Photography with Leica M rangefinder Cameras – by Marc Wick – 35mmc


the Tmax 3200(shot at EI1600 ). For film development, I make use of X-Tol(1:1). The scans here were made with a Braun FS-120, however I currently a lot more usually utilize the Negative Laboratory Pro. My much-loved shade movie is Kodak Portra 400( at EI200 )which I create with the>>>

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