This is the highest-resolution photo of the sun ever taken – MIT Technology Review


 Astronomers have just released the highest-resolution image of the sun. Taken by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Maui, it gives us an unprecedented view of our nearest star and brings us closer to solving several long-standing mysteries. The new image demonstrates the telescope’s potential power. It shows off>>>

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The biggest breakthroughs in space in 2019, from the farthest object ever visited to the first photo of a black hole


 This year was full of astronomical breakthroughs in space. Photos captured phenomena nobody had ever seen before. Ambitious spacecraft revealed new secrets about the sun and the edges of our solar system. Astronomers spotted the brightest light in the universe, found new planets circling distant stars, and detected a collision>>>

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New Music & Music News Magazine

Concert Crowd

  Latest News… New Music & Music posted 24/7  Great headlines and more about New Music & Music posts, linking to 100s of sources around the world,  this is a one-stop shop for New Music & Music content and website links. Category: New Music & Music News

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Realistic fiery explosion busting over a black background

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Strong man child showing bicep muscles


Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you are after.

Whatever it is that has been bugging you, doesn’t seem so bad anymore, does it?

If only we all could have the spirit that this little boy has!

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