Phony travelers wanted: LAX requires 500 people to check out new airport


 Seem like going to LAX and acting like an out-of-control traveler or a parent with kids in crisis mode? Here’s your opportunity. Los Angeles International Airport is searching for 500 individuals to come to its most recent concourse and act severely, or sickly, or feebly. It’s all part of a>>>

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Breaking: 3 al-Qaeda members with phony passports jailed slipping into America


  DALLAS, TX- A recent apprehension of three identified al-Qaeda members in Dallas, Texas, have proved when again that greater examination toward migration practices is critical in keeping the United States safe. Authorities detained 3 Syrian nationals that handled to gain entry in the U.S. from Columbia by using falsified>>>

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Rare Wolfdog Hybrid Goes Viral Since He Is So Big That People Think He Is Phony


 Yuki is a part pet and part wolf, and the really unusual wolfdog hybrid is actually 87.5% Gray Wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky, with 3.9% German Shepherd– as reported by his residence, the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida. When she initially shared the pictures, there were lots of people who>>>

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Social media hosted a lot of phony health news this year. Here’s what went most viral.


 A cabal of physicians is hiding the cure for cancer, berries are more reliable than vaccines, and consuming instant noodles can eliminate you: These are some of the claims from the web’s most viral phony health news in 2019. Health misinformation was a big deal this year. Dealing with pressure>>>

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