What is Long COVID?


As much as seven months on, some people with COVID-19 are still suffering symptoms as wide-ranging as irregular heartbeat, chest pain, diarrhoea, shortness of breath and headaches. Experts say much more research is needed into long Covid. We speak to three young people still struggling with its devastating effects. SUBSCRIBE>>>

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Amazing Before & After VFX Breakdown – Maze Runner


As the movie’s name subtly suggests, this film is about some people who run in a maze, and since this maze has 100ft concrete walls that can move, you’re definitely going to need VFX. Thanks to its experience in creating environments, Method Studios was the obvious choice. Like the music>>>

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Female Celebrities Over 100 Who Have Aged Amazingly


When it comes to celebrities, society often favors youth. As people age, they spend more and more money trying to hide the fact that they’ve grown older. There are countless products designed to conceal wrinkles and other evidence of a long life.    It’s no secret that growing older isn’t>>>

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Would you VOTE for the Eagle?


The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: https://skl.sh/bravewilderness10201 On this new episode of Creature Features, Coyote is here to tell you 5 things you probably didn’t know about the Bald Eagle! This impressive bird has some VERY interesting facts! So…>>>

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15 Craziest Celebrity Transformations of All Time


It’s not uncommon for us to change throughout our lifetime and have the people around us barely notice. After all, we’re not in the public eye, nor do many of us get life-changing opportunities. But in the celebrity world? Well, things are a little different. From celebrities changing to suit>>>

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The Tragic Death & Demise of Helen Reddy


The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated people all around the world. While anyone can suffer complications from the virus, the elderly are far more vulnerable to its effects. As a result, we have lost countless amazing people, including friends, family members, and celebrities. While some people have, unfortunately, died due to>>>

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This is How the Son of Cristiano Ronaldo Lives…


There’s two kinds of rich people in the world. There’s those that built their empire from the ground up and then there’s the other kind. The ones that find themselves eye-wateringly wealthy because of their famous parents or celebrity families. Inheriting isn’t the same as creating and being born into>>>

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This Asteroid Is Going to Kill Us All


People seem to be obsessed with the apocalypse. There is no shortage of movies about the end-of-days. In 1998, there was a particularly popular version of the old familiar theme going around. The films Armageddon and Deep Impact both came out in the same year and followed very similar plot>>>

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