The Life Ahead | Official Trailer | Netflix

There are encounters that change a life. Others that can save it. The Life Ahead starring Sophia Loren and Ibrahima Gueye arrives on Netflix on November 13th. SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV>>>

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A Dying Cobra Crawled out to People For Help


Snakes are complex creatures. Some are delighted by them, while others are terrified, but in all fairness, it should be noted that the latter ones clearly prevail. This subconscious fear of snakes is based on the dangers these creatures pose to humans. _________________________________________________________________________ For copyright matters please contact us at:>>>

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Top 10 Video Game DLCs No One Should Buy


There are some games you shouldn’t buy and there are others you literally can’t! Head over to MojoPlays and check out 7 Amazing Video Games You Can’t Actually Buy Anymore: Don’t waste your money on this absolutely useless DLC! For this list, we’re looking at pieces of downloadable content>>>

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The Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made


Everybody makes mistakes, but some are far costlier than others. Here’s the most expensive mistakes in human history! Facebook: Reddit: Twitter: Instagram: For copyright matters relating to this channel, please contact me directly at : The Most Expensive Mistakes In History The Most Expensive Mistakes>>>

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Sydney Harbour Bridge: Woman killed in horror crash as traffic chaos stretches across city | 7NEWS


A woman has been killed and several others injured after two cars collided at high-speed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The entire bridge has been shut down causing major traffic chaos for morning commuters, with authorities urging residents to work from home where possible. Subscribe to 7NEWS for the latest>>>

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These Feline Duos Need Jackson’s Help | My Cat From Hell


Some cats have trouble getting along with others and it can be a disaster. Here are some of the best cat duos Jackson has helped! Stream Full Episodes of : Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join us on Facebook: Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: Tweets by AnimalPlanet Follow>>>

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15 Most Powerful Animals in the World


Animals are a powerful force, some more so than others. In fact, there are many that could give most humans a run for their money when it comes to bench pressing in the gym. Several are insanely strong and relatively obvious, others not so much, like the Rhinoceros beetle that>>>

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Why the Fantastic Grandmas Are Swimming With Sea Snakes


Some people take it easy when they retire. Others, like a group known as the Fantastic Grandmas, swim with venomous sea snakes off the coast of Lemon Bay, New Caledonia. The women collect data and take photos of the fascinating creatures for researchers at the University of Caledonia. The information>>>

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You are Special, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Girl with colored face painted. Art beauty image

Unfair criticism can really make people question their self-worth. Here are ways to deal with such criticism wisely.

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