A Full Circle

A Full Circle Has anyone ever helped you without any reason? Have you ever felt as if the Universe is doing you a favor because you made one for someone else? If you have never experienced it, your day will surely come! The feeling of being owed by the Universe is something else and yet it humbles you down more than anything else. Experience the power of life as it moves in a full circle in the following story!   Once upon a time… There was lady stranded in the middle of the road because her car broke down. She was old and frail and was driving alone. She had known it had been a bad idea since the beginning to take the car all on her own while travelling out of the city. But when she had decided to leave for the trip, she had not foreseen the weather>>>

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Spread Happiness, Get Happiness

Spread Happiness, Get Happiness Once, there was a man who wanted to know the secret to becoming the happiest man on earth. He treated this quest of his like a treasure-hunt and searched the whole world for answers that could satisfy him. However, he never found an answer. Do you know why he could never bring an end to his quest? Perhaps, the story of a little doggie might lend us some perspective. Once upon a time,there was a happy little doggie that lived in a small town. The little doggie was always wagging its tail and running around happily. He was very content in his own world. His ears were always raised as he happily listened to the sounds of the chirping birds and other melodies that nature sang for it. One day, he decided to find other happy doggies like himself. He started his search and he learned>>>

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