RIP Hank Aaron, Baseball Legend (MUST WATCH)


The Home-Run King has passed away. Hank Aaron the baseball legend often called the home-run king has died at the age of 86. He earned his legendary status over a career spanning 23 seasons from 1954 to 1976. Like this content? Subscribe here: Or, watch more videos here: On>>>

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This Girl Cut Her Hair For the First Time! Look How She Looks Now…


Being different isn’t easy and more often than not, people want to hide themselves from society because they feel like they can’t fit in. There are some people however, who embrace their unique features and have become celebrities because of it, although it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever come across>>>

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True Crime Stories You Won’t Believe Are True | AllTime10s 2020 Compilation


True crime stories are often the most compelling, which is why we’ve covered a lot of them in 2020. To the worst prisons on earth where the evilest end up, to how predators lure their victims in, here are True Crime Stories You Won’t Believe Are True. Click to Subscribe..>>>

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The Queensland trailblazers aiming to win Olympic gold in skateboarding | 7NEWS


Olympians are often characterised as swimmers, runners and gymnasts. Next year, skateboarders will join the elite of world athletes. Queenslander Tommy Fynn will be among the trailblazers in Tokyo, and the street skater’s considered a medal chance. Subscribe to 7NEWS for the latest video » Connect with 7NEWS online>>>

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Matthew McConaughey Is Getting Into Politics


In Hollywood, it often makes big waves when a celebrity comes out of the woodwork and states a political opinion. This is especially true if the opinion they’re stating doesn’t jive the with average opinion of their peers. One recent example is Matthew McConaughey, star of such critically acclaimed features>>>

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Fighting Over Abandoned Penguin Chick | Natural World: Penguins Of The Antarctic | BBC Earth


Unfortunately, some penguin chicks can be abandoned by their parents – more often than not, another penguin mother – typically without a chick of her own, will adopt it, but before she does she might have some rivals. Subscribe: Fighting Over Abandoned Penguin Chick | Natural World: Penguins Of>>>

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Napoleon’s missing hand, explained


Napoleon Bonaparte was often depicted concealing a hand inside his shirt. Why? Subscribe to our channel! Napoleon Bonaparte is one of history’s most famous figures and has been depicted in countless portraits. Often, paintings show him with one hand concealed inside his shirt. The gesture is a common feature>>>

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