Facts about Famous Movies that will Blow Your Mind

A lot of things happen behind the cameras during the shooting of the movie. Here are some interesting facts about your favorite movie that will shock you.

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5 Movies that Deserved an Oscar but didn’t get it

  5 Movies that Deserved an Oscar but didn’t get it The Oscars are the most prestigious awards in the world of entertainment and it is no surprise that most actors, directors and film makers crave an Oscar for their works. An Oscar nomination is a big thing, but an Oscar award is something truly out of the ordinary, since it is considered to be a stamp of cinematic brilliance. Yet, an Oscar is not always the best judge of a great movie. In the past there have been several instances when Oscar awards have been criticized for the award going to an undeserved party. This blog takes a look back at 5 of the best films that deserved an Oscar but didn’t get any: ·        The Thin Red Line (a 1998 Movie) The film marked the return to film making of renowned director Terrence Malick after he had taken>>>

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The 4 Best War Movies Out There

The 4 Best War Movies Out There There is nothing great about wars, but if there’s anything good they left behind, it is the stories of the heroes, the legends and the never changing victories that will forever remain etched in our history. War doesn’t stop time nor does it leave others to find a safe corner. It is not just the soldiers and leaders that had a story to tell but each person goes through their own story, have their own accounts to share and they are not dull in the least. So for those who like action and heroes, who want to know about the blasts, gunfire, attacks and the hidden political agendas that happened in real life, here’s a list of the four best war time movies ever made:   1.     All Quiet on the western front: Released in 1930, this movie is old yet timeless. All>>>

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5 Movies That Revolutionized the Entertainment Industry

5 Movies That Revolutionized the Entertainment Industry There are successful movies, there are epic failures, there are those that are one of a kind, but then every once in a while there are movies that are responsible for paving a whole different road for the entertainment industry. For instance, 3D movies were not always there, neither were the colored ones. Oh, and dinosaurs didn’t always appear this real, in fact, if you looked close enough you’d have been able to see the mechanic jaws of the dinosaurs in the past–it’s pretty hard to take a so apparently mechanic-looking dinosaur seriously. So many of our favorite movies today have been possible because of the revolutionary ones that made it all possible; let’s have a look at 5 such movies: 1.    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Released in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Disney was the revolutionary movie>>>

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Watch These 5 Movies to Have a Hearty Chuckle and a Better Mood

Watch These 5 Movies to Have a Hearty Chuckle and a Better Mood Research has proved that movies can trigger some strong emotions in human and personal experience has confirmed that movies can turn a good day into bad and change a bad mood into good; in order to avoid the former one we have compiled a list of movies that will not fail to uplift your spirits and might even give you a good chuckle in between. So if you ever feel the need to forget your own problems and to find comfort and motivation in other’s misery then you can always count on the following movies: 1.     Clueless: When silliness meets smartness, it becomes appealing, and that is what Clueless is. This coming of age comedy movie is about a girl named Cher who is in high school and is rich and popular. She often had a verbal>>>

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The Disney Movies that Pulled Our Heart Strings

The Disney Movies that Pulled Our Heart Strings The Disney movies that we have watched growing up made up a large part of our childhood. However, it would be unfair, if we said, “they did” because they still do. Most probably, you still anticipate the release of a new Disney movie, but in the fear that some will catch you bawling your eyes out a Disney movie or laughing until your tummy hurts, you take your kid sister, brother or cousin along with you. If you gallantly march into the theater without fearing who will catch you, we commend you for your bravery. In fact, you reading this is proof enough that you have a soft spot for Disney movies, and why shouldn’t you, they are great. Since we love our Disney movies too, here are five movies that pulled at our heartstrings and will put at yours too: 1.    >>>

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