Who Is Jesus To You?

Who is Jesus to You? from TheDoorTV on Vimeo. Who Is Jesus To You? Senior Pastor – Steve Fitzallen – poses the question “Who is Jesus to you?”. It’s a question that can uncover a broad range of answers, depending on who you ask. Want to explore Faith  The Benefits Of Prayers And Having Faith Spiritual Soaking Prayers for Financial Peace Prayer for those in trouble How to Sell Jesus to a Skeptic Does God Want Us to Succeed?—4 Bible Verses Say God Does 11 Creative Ways to Write About Jesus 10 Quick Tips About Faith 10 Fundamentals about Faith You Didn’t Learn in School 10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Jesus Why Prayers Should Be a Regular Fixture of Your Day? Why Being Thankful Is Actually Important The List Parable of the Talents Faith Information & Prayers from around the world Door of Hope   Video Stream a Live>>>

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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Jesus

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Jesus The Christians are very fond of the name “Jesus” because it is associated with many good things such as healing, miracles, deliverance, provision, protection and many more. Testimonies from many Christians have really proven that there is power in that name. Jesus was born by a Virgin Mary. His conception was divine and that makes him unique among all men born of a woman. As controversial as the name seems among non-believers, there are many reasons why people need this Supreme Being. Fulfilment of the Scriptures. Everything about Jesus’ birth; ministry, death and resurrection that were prophesied in the Bible were all fulfilled. Everything said about him in that Holy book was fulfilled. Bible and contemporary testimonies. The disciples of Jesus testified that he was the son of God. In our contemporary time, a lot of Christians at different locations have seen Jesus>>>

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