NASA astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth after record mission

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – American astronaut Christina Koch, who led the very first all-female spacewalk in 2019, landed in Kazakhstan on Thursday after a record remain on the International Space Station, ending a 328-day objective anticipated to yield brand-new insights into deep-space travel. Koch, a North Carolina-born engineer who signed up>>>

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All-Female Crew Sets Off for Historic ‘Mars’ Mission


This previous Saturday (Jan. 4) in Hawaii, on the remote slopes of Mauna Loa, the largest volcano in the world, six researchers embarked on a historic “mission to Mars.” “Analog astronaut missions place researchers and explorers in remote locations on Earth that physically resemble cosmic destinations like the moon and>>>

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Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission Orphanage Blog


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EARTH HOUR Make the ‘switch’ to a more sustainable lifestyle   Earth Hour is held yearly in over 20 countries and over 250 cities around the world who are part of the global countdown to lights out. Numerous cities and towns in Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Bolivia, Korea, New>>>

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That’s one small STEP for Man One Giant Leap for MANKIND


  “That’s one small STEP for Man……. One Giant Leap for MANKIND. Land on the Moon in Google Earth. With Moon in Google Earth, you can take tours narrated by Apollo astronauts, view 3D models of landed spacecraft, zoom into 360-degree photos, and watch rare TV footage of the Apollo>>>

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The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission

Rush Hour

    The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission   Grandpa Rick and “The Farm” from The Archibald Project on Vimeo.       The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission was started in 1948 in a remote jungle area of Northern India, on the border of Nepal. The “mission” is now surrounded by>>>

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