The Tallest Celebrities in Hollywood


Size matters right? Well, maybe that isn’t always true but for some of Hollywood’s most prolific actors and comedians, their immense size definitely hasn’t detracted from their careers. This video is going to take a look at some of the tallest individuals in the entertainment industry. Not only are we>>>

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The Strange History Behind Millie Bobby Brown’s Secret Codes | Enola Holmes


Maybe the weirdest Victorian-era pastime involved sending coded love notes through newspaper ads. Yes, that’s right — the thing you thought was just fiction in Enola Holmes is actually real. Here it is, explained. Watch Enola Holmes, Only on Netflix: SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world’s leading>>>

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The leopard visits this cow at night. You’ll be surprised to learn why!


People nowadays rarely see cows, except for maybe in pictures and on the internet, but incidentally, it is this animal that we have to thank for the milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and many other products that we consume. However, cows aren’t only useful to humans, but they are>>>

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Disney vs. Pixar | Rotten Tomatoes


We’re not crying, YOU are! Our latest edition of ‘Vs.’ is sure to bring you to tears – and maybe have you singing a song or two – as the two biggest titans of animation and heartstring-pulling face off for ultimate cartoon supremacy. Will it be Disney that gets to>>>

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Why the Rockford Files Reboot Failed


The Rockford Files Starred James Garner in maybe his most iconic role. He was Jim Rockford, a low-rent private investigator that would only take on the job if the pay was right – 200 dollars a day plus expenses – and if it was sufficiently safe enough. He stuck mainly>>>

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Stranger Things vs. Umbrella Academy vs. Lucifer | Kiss, Marry, Vanish | Netflix


They’re bad to the bone, but maybe you could change them? In this edition of Kiss / Marry / Vanish, we make the best case possible for three Netflix Bad Boys: Klaus from "Umbrella Academy," Billy from "Stranger Things," and Lucifer from … well, "Lucifer"! Who will you Kiss, Marry,>>>

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Thu Mar 19 ’20 Announcement from Pete Dilley Album:: Half-Truths and Hearsay


Hi All, People maybe isolated or locked down, but fortunately things are still progressing albumwise! How, you ask? I supported Emily Barker and Marry Waterson last year, and one of the group members was Lukas Drinkwater. I’d known about him from the folk scene and as a producer of a>>>

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