Hurt Dog Inspires Hollywood Film ‘Miracle Marshall’


Marshall was abandoned, abused and starving. He was among 60 other dogs living on a property without food, water and shelter. During the time of his rescue by Animal Planet’s Confessions, he had a badly broken front leg, bite marks all over his body and a tennis ball sized hole>>>

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Morgan Freeman Almost Quit Acting for THIS…


Morgan Freeman lives by one of his lines: Get busy living or get busy dying. Often touted as one of the most versatile actors of our time, Morgan Freeman has impressed audiences with his unforgettable roles in major movies like Driving Miss Daisy, Se7en, Bruce Almighty, Million Dollar Baby, and>>>

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The Sakuddei: Indonesia’s Threatened Tribe | Disappearing World | TRACKS


The Sakuddei are a small and ethnically separate community living on the island of Siberut off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. … These people are also threatened by a timber company from the Philippines which has been granted a logging concession in the Sakuddei’s territory. The documentary series>>>

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15 Real Differences Between Men and Women Nobody Can Deny


Unless you have been living under a rock for many, many years, you will have noticed there are a few differences between the sexes, most of them quite humorous. There will be some among you that will agree, perhaps even have a little chuckle. Others of you may not, don’t>>>

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Francisco Costa on the Epic Life Advice That Calvin Klein Gave Him | Westman Atelier


In this clean living Q&A, creative director Francisco Costa opens up about the secret behind the Brazilian mindset, the life-changing advice that Calvin Klein gave him, his Costa Brazil beauty line, and the life skill he’s still trying to master. WATCH MORE OF COMING CLEAN: FOLLOW: Instagram:… Twitter:>>>

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Cleaning the Gator Pool | Secrets of the Zoo


The alligators living in the North Carolina zoo get their habitat cleaned in preparation for the winter. Keepers must maintain safe distance from the animals as they work inside the habitat. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More Secrets of the Zoo: About National Geographic Wild: National Geographic Wild is>>>

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This Aggressive Male Orangutan Refuses to Be Sedated: Orangutan Jungle School | Smithsonian Channel


A team of vets working to capture a group of orangutans living along the banks of the Rungan River, are waylaid by the leader of the group – an aggressive male, named Kasper. #OrangutanJungleSchool #KingOfTheJungle#SmithsonianChannel From Orangutan Jungle School: King of the Jungle Subscribe to The Smithsonian Channel:>>>

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Grizzly Bear Needs Help Healing A Wound On Its Paw | The Zoo


Veronica, one of the grizzly bears living in the Central Park Zoo has had a wound on the paw for a few weeks. The vets now want to examine it to see if it’s healing well. Meanwhile, the baby penguins arrive at the zoo. Stream Full Episodes of The Zoo:>>>

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6 Great Luxury Motor Homes | WATCH NOW ▶ 4 !


6 Great Luxury Motor Homes | WATCH NOW ▶ 4 ! Motorhome and RV Retirement Living : 🎁 SUBSCRIBE NOW : 💙 LIKE and SHARE video IF you LIKE it! ——————————————————————————————— Motor homes are the most luxurious home in the motor. A very luxurious life of people where>>>

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15 Most Dangerous Prisons In The World


If you think living in lock down at home is tough, imagine spending 23 hours of every day secured in a tiny prison cell, with four walls for company. Surprisingly, for some prisoners their cell is actually their only safe haven. From the notorious Russian prison with an unusual name>>>

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