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Age is Just a Number

  Age is Just a Number Remember the thrill of rock climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping and many more adventures of the sort? If you are looming near your 50s, these are the things that you probably miss the most. You experience the best memories of your life at the peak of your age. Young and hot blooded as you are you can accomplish just about anything! With passing time, you lose this agility. However,>>>

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Drowning Your Fears

Drowning Your Fears This is a story of a little buffalo that learned to overcome his fears. A long time ago, a little buffalo lived in the plains of Africa. He was living a comfortable life with his herd but one thing was always on his mind: LIONS! The mere thought of lions terrified him to the core.  One day he approached his father and said, “Dad, can we move away from the plains, please?”>>>

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