Bitter Truth VS Sweet Lies

Bitter Truth VS Sweet Lies Once upon a time, there lived a man who loved his wife very much. He loved her so much that he could not ever imagine breaking her heart. One day, his wife came up to him and asked, “I need you to tell me honestly, do you think I am getting fat?” Sure, his beautiful wife has gained a few pounds but he knew she was not going to like it. So instead of telling her the truth, the man lied. “No darling, you have not gained a single ounce! You are as slim as ever. I am amazed you even asked such an irrational question!” Satisfied with his answer, the wife happily went away. A few days passed and his wife approached him again. “Tell me honestly. Do you think I am going bald? I have been losing so much hair lately!” Sure, the>>>

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Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online?

Did you know that you can actually Spy on your Competitors Online? The digital world has advanced so much that now it is possible to spy on your competitors online. Are you shocked? Well, that’s true. Businesses can take advantage of this huge opportunity of getting hold of their competitors’ online marketing data to improve theirs. Businesses no longer have to make risky marketing decisions, which have made it easier for them to achieve success in the digital world. Let’s find out more about it. Monitoring Social Mentions Social mentions play an important role in determining the popularity of a company. Businesses can now make use of tools like Google Alerts and SocialMention to look at the things that people are saying about their competitors. These tools will help you look at blogs, articles, and posts having a particular term or brand name that you want to spy. This information>>>

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