It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Life

It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Life Once upon a time, a man was wandering in a clear, grey forest. He seemed to be lost, searching for something. However, before he could find what he had been looking for, he came across a tiger. The tiger chased the man to the edge of the cliff and the man tipped over. Luckily, he grabbed a vine half way down the fall. He was momentarily safe. Although, when he looked up at the cliff, he didn’t quite feel that way. The tiger stood, bare tooth and gnawing away at the edge in the hopes of catching the man waiting to devour his own hunger. The man gulped down and decided to find a way to get himself out of this predicament by looking for a way further down. Perhaps, he could make his way back to home from somewhere on the>>>

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Top 5 Adventurous Places to Visit in Your Late 20’s

Top 5 Adventurous Places to Visit in Your Late 20’s The late 20s will always be the golden days of your life. Those are the days you tell your kids about – the adventures you went on, the cool places you visited, and the daring things you did. There is no better time to travel than in this age when you are passionate, exploratory, and curious about the world surrounding you. Obviously, as badly as you want, you cannot experience everything all at once, that too within a limited budget. So here is the list of 10 adventurous places to visit in your late 20s to make your pick easy! 1.     Munich – Germany Enjoy the end of summer festival in the form of the Oktoberfest at Munich City. From beer to colorful tents, parade, and great food – the Oktoberfest will surely be an exceptional experience for you. Here>>>

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Every Person On The Planet Should Watch This Video

EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO Alan Watts was a British-born philosopher. Here’s a great video that will make you want to live larger, smarter, and happier.   Originally Published on Aug 30, 2013 on YouTube A profound speech from the late Alan Watts. Alan Watts audio courtesy of from the seminar: “Do You Do It, or Does It Do You?” available for download at!serv… A remastered version of “What if money was no object”. After our original video, which reached almost 2,000,000 views was taken down due to copyright. Many emails were received to remake and re-upload this profound advice from the late Alan Watts. Thanks too everyone for the support! Alan Watts audio courtesy of Alan   Copyright © RGB Blog  Feel free to copy and share this but include the entire article and reference back to this site thanks.   Tags:>>>

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